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AT rocket?

US Enlisted: 2012-06-13
2012-10-22 20:53
first of all, you all obviously know nothing about snipers. Snipers are a lot, and mostly about reconnaissance. And at times they do a lot of cover fire protecting the soldiers from ambushes, and flanking. They sit higher up, far away, watching their fellow soldiers that are doing an tactical operation, or simply trying to do a mission down below. And if they have a mission to neutralize an HVT, they either go with a spotter, or alone if they are the best of the best. Apparently all of you do not know the true value of a sniper. and ARKANGEL 1023, There is no such thing as an ARMY RANGER Sniper bro, Army Rangers don't do any Sniping, there is Army Snipers, but they don't use them very much. Most used Snipers are Navy Seals and Marine Snipers. If you wanna fight on the internet you guys get your damn facts straight.
DK Enlisted: 2013-01-18
2013-01-27 13:19
Joepac69 said:
Smaw and rpg. AT stands for anti-tank

Thanks for the info. It was really helpful. :)
US Enlisted: 2012-09-21
2013-01-27 13:36
AT rockets, for the sake of assignments, are defined as "rockets that CAN be fired at tanks". Javs count (they account for most of my AT rocket kills).

This is especially important for the air vehicle destroy portion of an assignment (AT rockets again!). Soflam/CITV + Javelin on a heli is a destroy if it hits. I Think this is the SCAR-H Specialist.
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