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Girls on Battlelog: Soldier Image

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2012-01-08 15:25 , edited 2012-01-08 15:43 by Benmjol
This aint no feministic crap - def not!
I'm just wondering why there are no female soldiers to choose as your soldier image?

It's not like EA/Dice will loose any money on a female soldier image that's not used as frequently as the male ones, and it's not like there are no female gamers (or irl-soldiers for that matter!).
Anyone got a quite good answer to my question?
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2012-01-08 15:31
Why would they? How many girls play Battlefield 3, 1 out o 10?

And do you think a female sodier would look that badass in the picture?
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2012-01-08 15:35 , edited 2012-01-08 15:43 by Benmjol
Why not? What have they got to loose, amirite?
Isn't 10% enough then?

And aw yeah, female soldiers are cool.
Here are some inspiration: []
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2012-01-08 16:38
Because those soldier images are the classes, there mainly there to show what class you like the most or something. None of the classes are female on either RU or US.

Unless you're talking about the default avatar?
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Becouse there still alot of inmature kids in the community
Better make more soilder for every race
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2012-01-08 16:54
There was a female carracter in the first MOH several yeras ago.
Reg. MaX
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2012-01-08 17:11
I wouldnt want to play as a female...women and war dont really mix
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2012-01-08 17:35
I think it would be great if games would let you pic your gender so every one knows what there dealing with,I meen woman should have the right to have a lady formed soldier on the battlefield.It,s not like there,s no girls at all who play war game,s.I know alot of BADASS girls who plat war game,s! I wish I could remember the girls name I met on here yesterday . Her stats were threw the roof! They should have the right to have this would you guys feel if all the soldiers was girls and you had to be to be a girl. I personnely would hate it.It,s not like there isn,t real woman out there who also fight for our freedom. every game should give them girls just as mutch respect as they do men!
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2012-01-08 17:46
does it really matter? people say oh girls play video games too but guess what... their mostly fat slobby girls that if you saw pictures of you would be scarred for life...
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2012-01-08 17:46 , edited 2012-01-08 17:50 by biobee
Yes I am a gal and I want to let the guy see whom stabbed him. Even if it means paying, I will buy.
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2012-01-08 17:51
Probably because they have more important things to care about for the moment, but it is definitely a good idea.
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2012-01-08 18:02
There would have to be at least four female avatars created to handle all the classes. One would not do it.

Or DICE could create another class for females only, and the DEV team could check them out to see if they qualify, but what weapons would they be allowed to use in that class? Whatever weapons the team chooses they would be called chav-pigs guarranteed. Not worth the hassle, better they should concentrate on catching cheaters cause they are ruining their game.
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2012-01-08 18:12
I don't think there should be female soldiers unless there is some way to check a person's gender.

Too many kids would try to exploit this if it was implemented without a way of testing for it. Combat Arms has female soldiers, and you see plenty of them around, but I have met two women in that game after playing it since 2008. The annoying thing about this is that female soldiers have smaller hitboxes than male soldiers in that game, so it's almost an exploit in my eyes.
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2012-01-08 18:15
Smaller hit boxes??? Are you a pro stand-up? LMAO
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2012-01-08 19:50
Another female-only class is maybe not the best solution, US vs Ladies...

And saying that all women who play games are fat and slobby are quite an exaggeration. I know many girls, including myself, that are not absolutely disgusting.
It's like saying all women are attracted to men.

Anyhow, just think of all other games that have females; World of Warcraft (pretty much any RPG..), Borderlands, Dead Nation, Fallout 3... And the list goes on. Why shouldn't BF3, and all other online-games for that matter, have that aswell?

I'm not sure if the "active soldier picture" is the soldier that you are in game, but I was only talking about the picture, if that wasn't clear! :)
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2012-01-08 19:55
lol..why do you guys even care...

If I had it my way, the soldiers would be bright green boxes instead of having any human characteristic features.

Ignore the color, ignore the gender, ignore the fact that they're human but rather see them as a target.

If you want to throw a durag with tattoos on your guy or bedazzle your helmet or ammo vest, fuck off lmao.. it's a game.

Go play Mass Effect/Saints Row 3 or some other shit if you want that.
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2012-01-08 20:02
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MADPenny said:
does it really matter? people say oh girls play video games too but guess what... their mostly fat slobby girls that if you saw pictures of you would be scarred for life...

That's why. There's a lot of 12 year old guys out there who still think that only ugly girls play video games.
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2012-01-08 20:14
Prepare for friend request spamming once they see you on the Battlefield.
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2012-01-08 20:20
The british military do not allow females to be infantry, not sure about the armies of other nations

(females can be in the military, in EVERY other job, and there are thousands, but the british army feel the infantry is not the place for a woman, they dont feel it right for a woman to go toe to toe with the enemy (although sometimes female medics have to fire at the enemy in afghan whilst protecting their patient)
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2012-01-08 20:29 , edited 2012-01-08 20:31 by DUELER94
Actually, not many women are allowed to fight in the military. They can join, but wont be sent over seas to do legitimate fighting. Instead, they have desk jobs, or maybe some kind of security. The recruiter who came to our high school talked to a bunch of girls who wanted to join and become marines, snipers, etc. They shot all of them down because women aren't allowed to be exposed to combat. They are too easily tortured and give up information more readily. Its just like the guy above me posted. Only the British aren't the only ones who refuse women like that.
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