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A sweet montage
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Guides/Commentaries/Gameplays/Nice Moments + Infantry and Tank Montages and Other Great & Funny Stuff!
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- A link directly to youtube and my video, have a look I think you will be suprised. It's a funtage. Enjoy
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A topgear parody.

Jeremy Clarkson attempts to outrun a tank in the Range Rover. []

Let me know what you think.
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An old video but probably my best, just looking for some input for bf4 releases as I am recording a lot now and trying to save up the best amount of footage that I can.

Again, thanks!
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A video that I made with a special request in mind for EA... hopefully an EA representative can see this and can act on it or respond. If anyone in the BF Forums who works for DICE see's this PLEASE if it is possible, pass it on to someone from EA for me. I know I'm some nobody on the internet, but I've been purchasing EA published games ever since my first Console and PC so I am a dedicated customer that is just asking for something as a DEDICATED CONSUMER FOR ALL GAMERS WHO OWN EA marked titles. PASS ON THIS REQUEST! LET IT BE HEARD! thanks for your time everyone.

I need this message to be spread around. Repost if you kindly will. GET THIS OUT THERE. The Link Is Below. []
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Signle Player Campaign Dog Tags! []
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all BF4 Easter Eggs found to date in the vanilla game []
I am the Tactical Russian
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2013-12-15 00:48 [] my first bf4 montage i have some bf4 content on my channel any feed back so i can better improve on things i would greatly appreciate it, also any music suggestions or bands tht have good music i would be greatful lol its not easy getting a good song for a montage.
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Disable Auto Lean System! []
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Hey guys, let me know what you think...

And who else here misses Metro?? []
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how to activate the TREX ROAR Easter Egg SOLO on Rogue Transmission []
I am the Tactical Russian
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Two new battle field 4 montages multi kills as well as knife kills, basically shows i can use anything/do anything from rushing to driving to sniping run n gun being aggressive w/ recon etc. Hope u all enjoy the epicness lol.
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Here my first movie.

** Configuration **
450 DPI
0.04 sensitivity ingame
Mouse Steelseries Sensei
Pad Steelseries QCK+ Heavy []
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old thread, but doesnt matter :D here's my video (BF3 PC montage) []
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