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2012-01-15 22:00 , edited 2012-01-15 22:25 by christos5
ok bought the game downlaoded the update
game manager tells me to update my browser plugin i download
but um now what computer cant open it and it doesnt seem to do anyhting

nvm it magically fixed it self .... i dont understand software these days lol
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2012-01-16 19:25
I got the same problem.
Do you know how?
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2012-01-17 02:32
Same happens with me. wtf
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2012-01-17 15:53
sorry guys honestly dont know why or how it fixed it self
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2012-01-20 05:47
download thsi worked for me []
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2012-08-29 11:59
WTF my web plugin can`t work .. it can join 2mins... can`t this proplem.... anybody know it ?
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2013-02-12 15:09
I need to redownload the plugin because I cleaned it from my browser accidently and now the game wont launch. Real good job there EA with providing a flippin download link for it. Battlelog is to stupid to realize it is messed up and the plugin needs to be reinstalled. No big deal but the fact that you can not find a download link for it is F'ed up.. Thanks EA..
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2013-05-14 17:58
cant get it too ...i juste see a black screen ..nothing more =/
the download dont start ... what i can do pls
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2013-05-14 18:25
Xeronix40 said:
cant get it too ...i juste see a black screen ..nothing more =/
the download dont start ... what i can do pls

Try a different Web browser. Mine worked with IE. Didnt work with Chrome the first time now it does.
If that still dont work I hrd restarting your system might just help. Try this 2 if not I'm not sure
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Thread is locked.