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Punkbuster Ban List is hacked since 2008 actually.

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2012-01-24 16:01
By now, you are all aware that, a group of hackers are manipulating the PB global Ban list. Nothing new here. What might be new for some of you, is that they ALWAYS have done that. this is what I found on the web (you can reach the original site post by pasting parts of the text on google - I'm not linking it here).

TLDR: The PB Ban List hack is there since 2008, the system has always being compromised and need to be replaced. So please Dice, DELETE punkbuster, and come up with your own, complete anti-cheat solution.


some things you should know:
the unerring PB season 1 was the ANSI strings PB searched in the whole memory which enabled us (GD&UC aswell) to get a shitload of peeps banned by typing that specific text in some chat etc...

the unerring PB season 2 was done by lulzer and not AA and it included streaming a lot of fakebans and some "hidden" fakebans

the unerring PB season 3 was done by anonpbspoofer and included fakebans (mass fakebans and a few "hidden" fakebans)
I don't know who he is and how he did it, but according to the pic lulzer posted, it's a flaw in very basic mechanics of PB which means they're not gonna fix it

You should thank all of them for pointing out the flaws and making your gaming partially more safe. PBBans and GGC knew about these flaws since 2008 and they also know that there's nothing they can do when someone streams a few hidden fakebans (publicly they tell you otehrwise though, but as you can see in lulzer's pic, it clairly ain't like that)


Man I remember the days when we could jump on the pbbans IRC
and just type ONE string in their chat and see pbbans fill up with aimbot violations. Anyone who was active ingame and in that IRC channel got banned.

Good times indeed.

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2012-01-24 16:08
Good reading here. And some good points. Please Dice delete punkbuster.Its outdated and not well maintained at all .

Pb has not been right since 2004.
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2012-01-24 16:09
it isn't the pb list that they are supposedly using though...
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2012-01-24 16:11
First of all: They are not hacking the PB global Ban lists.
Second: They are streaming Fake Bans to
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2012-01-24 16:12
halninekay said:
First of all: They are not hacking the PB global Ban lists.
Second: They are streaming Fake Bans to

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