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How to best use recruitment forums [PC,PS3,XBOX]

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2013-10-14 19:57
Hey i am looking for an organized Battefield 3 clan for the pc that will be expanding to bf4. i am xbox player right now but i am working on gaming pc so once setup i can play bf3 until bf4 comes out
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2013-11-29 15:18
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2014-01-30 15:31
Game-spirits is a new world wide community of gamers, we are not that big of a community yet but we are trying our best. We are a friendly community looking to recruit new members for the following games: Battlefield 4, League of Legends , Counter-strike:Go 4, DayZ and more.

We have an active player base that plays pretty much every single days and we are looking forward to getting this community bigger. We are currently around 20 members in our community spread over the current games we play and recruit for.

Are you new to the game ? No problem at all! we are also recruiting people that are new to the games and we are willing to make you better in the game. We accept everything from extreme players to new players.

Currently the majority of our members are located in Europe but we are looking forward to get new members from all over the world to join our community.

Requirements for joining the clan:

- Minimum age of 15+

- Teamspeak 3 & a working microphone

- Knowing some sort of the English language ( have to be understandable )

What can we offer you ?

- A friendly gaming community

- A massive teamspeak server with 512 slots.

- Players that are looking to get better in games.

- An easy to use forum/website for keeping you updated on news and announcements.

- Clan wars , pugs scrims etc.

How do i apply to gamespirits?

1. Head over to [] and register for an account on our forums.

2. Under the forum section " Applications " find the game you want to apply for and make a new topic.

3. Wait until you are accepted and hop on teamspeak:
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2014-02-11 01:02
Fix pre game lobby
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2014-06-12 10:56
Hey how to create a POST IN THE FORUM things? anyone know how to??????
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2014-06-15 12:46
we are going to make a proffesional bf3 vid in october


- a lot of teamplay
- esport players
- a lot of bugs like and many more []


-only pc players
-age 18+ []
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