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ranking and unlocking not working

Enlisted: 2012-02-15
2012-02-26 09:29
Hi guy i got quite far yesterday in unlocking equipment and ranking up i unlocked my heat seeking missiles for the jets and unlocked my flares but for some reason the unlocks didnt register on my account and it also ket ranking me up between rank 4 and 5 and it doesnt seem to go any higher so it feels like i have done all that work for nothing has anyone got any suggestions or fix
CH Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2012-02-26 09:46
Did your game crash halfway through, getting a 'something wen't wrong' or 'you were disconnected from EA online(1)' message?
GB Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2012-02-26 11:40 , edited 2012-02-26 12:15 by HashDotDash
Were you on a ranked server? I've ended up on unranked servers even though i have ranked ticked in my browser and have only noticed after joining all my unlocks and perks have gone. You still unlock in game as per normal as you gain the points but they don't save after leaving the game. I've also turned off cloud storage in Origin.
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