PS3 USERS! Looking for NEW PLATOON! Register Here

US Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2012-03-01 20:02 , edited 2012-03-02 01:37 by MaK-10teN
Any Soldiers that are looking for online competitive play and would like to bring their skills to another level, give the platoon " Soldiers Taking Reign" Platoon a shot. You can register at our official website We are a new Clan with Members who are Mature, Have microphones, Compete in online Gameplay, and Have their own website hosted with their own domain, please feel free to give Our members a shot! There is no Obligation to Stay and If you Decide to Awol, our feelings wont be hurt, but all access to future Events will be Terminated! If your Kill/Death ratio is not above 1, no worries, we have a recruiting platoon where you can Play alongside our members to Rank up and get Familiar with each others Gameplay. Please Support our tag (STxR) while playing to get our name out there. Thank you for considering our platoon Soldiers Taking Reign!

"Soldiers Taking Reign" (STxR) is always looking for Recruits. Tired of playing alone?? Join our Platoon. Add MaK-10teN to your Playstation or apply on Battlelog!!! This platoon will Get you matches and link you with some Good Players.