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The BEST XBOX PLATOON lookin for a match right now

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2012-06-15 21:11
Not everyone on XBOX is bad. Some are really good.
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2012-06-16 00:09
"You should be thanking me for keeping this dead thread alive."

Shhh! You're not supposed to acknowledge that! YOU'LL RUIN EVERYTHING!!

ShadesReign390 said:
Why troll elsewhere?

TROLOLOLS FOR ALL!! Maye Eduard rest in peace.

The threads starting to die. TROLL HARDER EVERYONE!

Did you know that Steelertown said he's the best BF3 player in the universe?
It's a fact, he did, I swear. Why would I lie? I'm a leprechaun! Leprechauns don't lie. That's a fact too!

And Shades said he'd wipe the floor with your Mom's pussy 'cause she's a skank. So you should all totally like, arm yourselves with your keyboards and rage all over your screens at them. You know, in the sake of honor and entertainment and shit.

TL;DR: Bump.
You should run for government, I'd vote for you. You could start war with random countries and sort out the world in a little crusade of trollism

Why thank you. :D
Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.