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EOD Bot Kill??

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2012-06-26 03:55
So got a road kill with the EOD bot today and wondering why in the hell it doesn't count as and EOD Bot kill for the assignment, It's an EOD bot kill why does it count for nothing not even in the stats? WTH Dice??
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2012-06-26 03:58
when you road kill with it it just says "Whoever Killed Whoever" when you burn them and kill them it says "Whoever EOD BOT Whoever". took me about 3 people to figure it out.
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2012-06-26 03:59
I didn't even know you could roadkill with the EOD
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2012-06-26 04:00
zap them with the cooker
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2012-06-26 04:01
Void_Girl said:
I didn't even know you could roadkill with the EOD

yup you can not sure how I got it but I came up to a guy from behind in the tunnels of metro with the torch going and it gave me a road kill when i ran into him
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2012-06-26 04:04 , edited 2012-06-26 04:09 by J0E_RAMB0
Yea a road kill doesnt seem to count as the kill, but if you fire a javilen at something then quickly jump into the eod bot before the javelin hits its target, you get a eod bot kill instead of a javelin kill.. BF3 is strange, if you get a claymore kill when your in a jet, its says its a jet kill..
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2012-06-27 06:42
Void_Girl said:
I didn't even know you could roadkill with the EOD

Embarrassingly I reversed it into my own face! twice! and suicided! lol, Im gonna try for it on a non CQ map and see how I go. The controls are pretty hard to get the hang of.
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2012-06-29 19:54
@J0E_RAMBO ....that is an EXCELLENT suggestion. I'm going to try that next. I've literally spent 6 of my 109 hours of gameplay JUST trying to get a kill with that stupid thing! It's the only assignment I havn't finished and it's driving me bonkers. I also got a roadkill with it once but it didn't count....I was screaming at the TV after that!! So Pissed!!

Everytime I get near a vehicle it dies...can't even touch it. I parked right next to one last round and started to burn it and all the tank did was move an inch and it killed the bot... Most of my time has been spent hiding in a bush near a chokepoint hoping some poor fool decides to stop right in front of me. On the plus side...I've gotten pretty good at driving the thing and have got a TON of spot bonuses out of it.

I also talked to a guy online who said that anytime he sees an EOD Bot driving around the battlefield he lays down and lets it kill him...he knows that once he does it'll never show up again and he feels like he did the guy a solid. Nobody's even using those things for anything other than to get the 1 kill they need for the assignment. So he figures...give them the easy kill and move on so the guy can get back to normal gameplay.
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2012-06-29 19:59
wow i got it on my second eod bot i ever tried it with how can people find it so hard?btw i was on hardcore on donya on A, waiting for them to come cap it and i toasted one guy who lay down
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2012-06-29 19:59
You got to light them up, takes a coupe of seconds.

To get an easy E-bot kill,

1) go to Grand Bazzare TDM.
2) place the E-bot on any of the roads.
3) find cover to camp. close by and fast.
4) drive the ebot to a camping sniper.
5) bunr them.

Ke is to do it as fast as possible with limited exposure of the Ebot when driving it down the road. The linear roads makes it easy to manuver and drive up on people. Speed of driving is the key. Fast and to the targtet.
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