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BF3 on 2 PCs in the same network

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2012-07-15 02:34
Is there any way to play BF3 with two different accounts on different PCs that are on the same network? When we enter into a same server one of us is disconnected.
Thank you!
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2012-07-15 02:46
I doubt it

I have multiple PCs running at home over the same router and I get assigned the same ip address as the other PC's except on the local network of course

try to use dynamic IP's instead of static and you might be able to do it
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2012-07-15 02:48
You'll probably have to google it. It's possible, but as I remember it, it's complicated.
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2012-07-15 02:50
Silen7Strike said: []

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Try this, wrote it while back ago; []
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2012-07-15 03:03
I run 2 PCs side by side and when both connected to the same server its all good, ive never had to do anything to set them up, was plug and play.
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2012-07-15 03:05
Actually it was my friend and his brother who was having this problem. So I decided to take an account and test here at home and here I really did not need to change anything and it worked. I got to play with two accounts on the same server being on the same network.
I will tell them to take a look in the router configuration.
Thanks for the tip.
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2012-07-15 04:00
Works o.k for me, I did have to turn upnp off though
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2012-07-15 04:02
Absolutely, my brother and I play on the same network on the same server and have no issues with it at all.
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2012-07-15 04:19
Yes you can me and my boy do it all day long
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2012-07-15 04:36 [] you can try this
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2012-07-15 04:41
I've got a friend running issues
what chew talk'in bout?
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2012-07-16 19:24
I talked to EA support yesterday about this issue and the Tech informed me that they made it not possible or at least very hard to do this on purpose. I think that's complete BS as this is a multilayer game.
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2012-07-16 19:27
it should work. Probably a router thing. There isn't a reason that two different PCs, with 2 seperate BL logins / accounts, wouldn't work while on the same network and joining the same server.
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2012-07-16 19:29
Do you have an old router? or maybe another router u could check it on? It sound like your router is assigning the same IP for both PCs.
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2012-07-16 20:39
I got it to work. the reason it fails is because UPNP is disabled on your router or pcs, by default the game is set to use a certain port, you can not have 2 pcs using the same port number to connect. With UPNP on with your router and pcs, instead of using the same ports the game calls up UPNP and it automatically uses a port that is not in use and forwards traffic from that port. This way the two pcs are not using the same port and you both can play at the same time, even on the same server. for gaming you definitively should have UPNP enabled. if you need any help with it try and get ahold of me. I have many years experience in IT and managing computer networks, Including being a Network Administrator for a Large ISP
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2012-07-17 01:52
If the router runs a faulty (read: badly written) UPnP service (which stands for Universal Plug & Play), or no such thing at all you could try to add a rule to forward traffic on the ports manually.
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2012-07-18 00:06
Yes, but you can not forward the same port to 2 different computers. To forward ports to two different pcs to work you need a command to run on launch of BF3 to force it to use a different port than default.
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2012-07-18 00:13
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