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The worst PDW Weapon?

US Enlisted: 2012-08-25
2012-09-17 11:51
UMP eats people alive in CQC, if you land your shots that is. If you don't, and you get into a firefight with someone shooting 100 more rounds per minute than you, or more... you're toast. Still though, the UMP hits like a truck, situational. The MP7 is also a hip firing monster from what little time I've spent with it(going to spend more time with it soon). I don't use PDWs all that often, usually assault or carbines here but from the tiny bit I used it, I did NOT like the PP-2000 what so ever.
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BE Enlisted: 2011-12-26
2012-09-17 11:52
kill12355 said:
never used half of these guns and even less for a decent amount of time

as val i refuse to use because so many scrubs used to use it
p90 is hands down for bad players who can't aim

says the guy with more than 1000 kills with usas....haha
DE Enlisted: 2011-11-06
2012-09-17 13:24
PP-19 is bad but I still like it somehow. UMP pre-patch definitely even though I liked it very much in the beginning
GB Enlisted: 2012-02-06
2012-09-17 14:16
PP-19 is good, if you know what you're doing. There isn't really a worst PDW, they all have bad and good points, there is no stand out worst in that section imo.
NL Enlisted: 2011-10-24
2012-09-17 14:18
Dunno what the worst is, but the best is definitely the AS VAL :D

900 RPM silenced deathmachine.
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