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Low fps with 7970 crossfire

Enlisted: 2011-11-02
2012-10-13 11:42
Hello, I'm running two 7970 crossfire, AMD Phenom ll x6 1100T processor and G.Skill Ripjaws X 8GB 2133 MHz, for some reason I only get 30fps at ultra settings 1920x1080. I should be able to get over 120 fps.

Can anyone help me?
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2012-10-13 11:44
Disable one 7970?

Maybe the game has problems with 2 videocards

(I run a single 6870 myself)
NL Enlisted: 2011-12-30
2012-10-13 11:49
try to disable one yes, probally driver or game related
Enlisted: 2011-10-29
2012-10-13 12:26
Try disabling crossfire. The 7970 is a powerful card and you should get some excellent framerates even with just one doing the rendering. Let us know how it goes! ^LF
Enlisted: 2011-11-02
2012-10-13 12:40
Nope, I'm only getting 30 fps >.>
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2012-10-13 12:40
Your CPU is bottlenecking your GPU
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2012-10-13 14:57
maybe v sync is on?
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2012-10-13 15:07
1Lister-of-Smeg said:
Your CPU is bottlenecking your GPU

I agree its kinda overkill dor that processor...
But alteast it isnt a godawefull duocore
Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2012-10-13 16:04
wtsenis5 said:
maybe v sync is on?

that should be the problem, not the CPU.
Enlisted: 2012-10-10
2012-10-13 16:07
Try switching Soundquality from Studio to CD or DVD quality
in your system settings.

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2012-10-13 16:41
What speed are you running your cpu at? For that kind of horse power I'd have to say be at 4ghz or better....And whats your motherboard? Is it true 16 on each lane?Or are you running something like 16 on main and 8, or 4 on the second pci spot?
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2012-10-13 16:50
Forget the crossfire bridge by any chance?

I'm getting over 100fps pretty much all the time on ultra at 1920x1080 with this rig.
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2012-10-13 16:59
Jihad_Jeeps said:
Forget the crossfire bridge by any chance?

I'm getting over 100fps pretty much all the time on ultra at 1920x1080 with this rig.

Did you get any frame lose with the ak expansion pack? My 6990 seems to loose about 10fps playing on these maps.
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2012-10-13 17:05
Yes, but you have a much more powerfull CPU. I have a i5 at 4.8Ghz and a stock 7970 I get around 50-70 fps on ultra according the the fps gauge in bf3.

If you build a computer just for bf3, then AMD cards isn not the right choice. Several test show that Nvidia cards perform a little bit better in bf3. If i were the OP I would have saved the money from one 7970 and buy a i5 cpu and z77 motherboard. That is a 1155 system with i5 cpu and a single 7970.

Also these Phenom II cpus are getting a bit old, and they need to be overclocked pretty good to perform well in modern games and not bottleneck. A phenom II at 3.8-4ghz will handle very well I would say.

OP you can forget to get 120 fps in ultra with your setup. To get 120 fps in ultra you will most likely need a i5 or i7 cpu overclocked, and 2x gtx 670 or similar. I get 120 fps on low settings with my rigg, and I consider it to be "decent", and much more decent that the math.
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2012-10-13 17:46
Not too long ago I had a Phenom II X6 @ 3.8GHZ/2.6GHZ NB. It even bottlenecked my then-Radeon 6970 when lots of action was going on, especially on maps like Gulf of Oman, Strike at Karkand and Operation Firestorm.

I kept some of my benchmarks that I've made back then (ultra setting without antialiasing deferred, 1680*1050):

Frames: 148484 - Time: 2489625ms - Avg: 59.641 - Min: 29 - Max: 122.

As you can see, I just benchmarked a typical BF3 match with Fraps. This particular one is from Caspian Border on a full 64 player server. While the numbers by itself don't look bad, I always had nasty fps dips during heavy combat.

I reduced the resolution to 1280*800 and benched again:

Frames: 196914 - Time: 2803718ms - Avg: 70.233 - Min: 27 - Max: 140.

There you have it. At 1280*800, the 6970 was clearly not the buzzkill, yet the "Min" fps remained rather low --> CPU limit detected. Don't forget: My Phenom II X6 was clocked at 3.8GHZ, 500MHZ more than yours. I leave it to you to draw an educated conclusion.
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2012-10-13 17:50
try unpark the cores via registry, not by power plan.....googlit about very simple.....
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2012-10-13 18:18 , edited 2012-10-13 18:41 by kawasaki_zx10rr
yup i have a spare pc with a amd 1055t and it stopped me getting ultra settings 2 7970,s should work very well what you should check is the lanes its in a noob mistake and your clock is at 100 mhz ? try 101 if its at 100 and if its below then up to 100. plus whats your board its could lack power out put or you need to put a floppy cable into it for more power? plus are they right next to each other they can get super hot if thats the case and quite and cool /speed step will kick in and try to cool them down. plus what setting you got in the CCC i use 12.6 is the crossfire mode on default mode and turn off tipple buffering and make sure every setting that lets you choose "use application setting" is on use application setting. and the most likly thing is that you are running 2133 ram and the cpu is made for 1333 so are you running XMP or ajusted the bios your self either way i think what ever you done to make that ram work is affecting the cards did you change the multiplier or clocks if you have any 1333 ram try a game with that and your bios cmos cleared
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2012-10-14 02:29
zipioz said:
Hello, I'm running two 7970 crossfire, AMD Phenom ll x6 1100T processor and G.Skill Ripjaws X 8GB 2133 MHz, for some reason I only get 30fps at ultra settings 1920x1080. I should be able to get over 120 fps.

Can anyone help me?

could be motherboard related to be honest i was having similar problems, it was in the correct PCI-EX slot but it was only running on x2 speed on the motherboard in the bios so it was getting bottlenecked, try hopping into your bios and checking your motherboards PCI-EX slot settings, if it set for low performance or "power saving" and you have an option set it for high performance, this should allow you to run your 7970 @ full capacity.

dont worry its not over clocking your card it just forces the motherboard to allow the bandwidth of data transmitting from the card to your system to allow you to run games &/or render videos at a higher performance and better quality.

(bit of a late replying considering how old the post is, just posted in-case you're still experiencing problems.)
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2012-10-14 03:55
your cpu is highly bottlenecking you! an upgrade to a new intel i5 or i7 would greatly help u especially when overclocked. But this game is known to eat up cpu's on large maps which is why my 2500k at 4.8ghz is bottlenecking my 2 680s....
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2012-10-14 04:05
the 1100t is the bottleneck.. get a 2500k
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