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Whats a good ping?

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2012-10-14 17:08
What is a good ping that will give me smooth and strong connection?
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1-30 = Best ping you can have

30 - 70 = Good ping, not the incredible such though.

70+ = Bad/horrible ping.
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2012-10-14 17:10
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2012-10-14 17:10
Anything upto 100 is considered ok with this game, anything above that, weird stuff starts happening.

Michael jackson came through the ground when i was on TDM, my ping was 440ms LOL
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2012-10-14 17:10
30 or less. I won't even join a server under 50.
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2012-10-14 17:11
I'll give you a good ping.
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2012-10-14 17:12
Always try to find the server with the lowest ping - which usually is the server located the closest to you. The higher the ping, the higher the latency which will result in a poor experience. Anything under 100 is tolerable.
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2012-10-14 17:15
Phenom-oMez said:
What is a good ping that will give me smooth and strong connection?

do they have broadband in ireland or is it pixies magic
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2012-10-14 17:16
UK servers are probably your best bet. I am not aware of any game hosting providers in Ireland (are there any hosted in Ireland). When I am in Ireland on a laptop with mobile broadband I get a ping of 50 ish to our server, which is London based. []
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2012-10-14 17:17
Ireland is the mother of broadband, thought everyone knew that.
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chilldog said:
do they have broadband in ireland or is it pixies magic

That would be Leprechaun's you are thinking of.
As it happens, broadband is pretty good in Ireland, about the same level as in UK.
I am pretty sure it is further advanced than in Zimbabwe :p

A lot of the corporate European headquaters are located in Ireland. Microsoft, Intel, Google etc. This is obviously because we Irish are very welcoming and friendly and has nothing to do with the 12.5% corporate tax rate in Ireland ! (cough) []
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2012-10-14 17:24
Playing on my local server, I always get between 3-7 ping
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2012-10-14 17:24
Ireland has the same internet services and quality as the UK
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2012-10-14 19:01
I was getting annoyed that I kept joining my fellow UK friends on 360 and they were playing on French servers and more often than not there'd be several US players on there too. Out of curiosity I looked at what pings I got for the PC server search across a few countries. On the first page of each the UK gave me 17 -21, France 20 -38, Spain 40 - 133! and US 104 - 168. I don't know if this reflects on 360 servers in general but when I play against French players, although there's little in the way of visible lag in game, I get shot from well behind corners a lot or lots of simultaneous deaths, this gets worse the further afield the players are from.

So based on previous responses above I'd definitely be aiming for sun 30 ping games.
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