100 Friends Limit, seriosly?

SE Enlisted: 2011-11-22
2012-11-14 19:11
It has been a long time, what's DICE wating for? Please add this project as high priority and fix it as soon as possible, people get tired of this peace of shit!
Don't run, you know I can find you anyway!
AU Enlisted: 2012-07-03
2012-11-15 10:30
Mr-DangeR7 said:
Great work dice dropping the friends limit down by 50 when it was already low enough as it is.

Dice never test anything, as for most of the day people had no friends whatsoever whilst they worked our their bugs.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z-w5ialVO0&feature=plcp [youtube.com]

you really have over 100 friends that you actually know?
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SE Enlisted: 2011-11-22
2012-11-17 18:40
Come on DICE!
Don't run, you know I can find you anyway!
SA Enlisted: 2012-10-14
2012-11-19 20:02
I agree with Mr-DangeR7
SE Enlisted: 2011-11-22
2012-11-19 20:03
Please fix it DICE!
Don't run, you know I can find you anyway!
FI Enlisted: 2012-10-24
2012-11-19 20:21
They should limit it to 50.
HR Enlisted: 2011-10-29
2012-11-22 13:38
I totally agree with mrdanger, 100 is just not enogh. Please do something about it because lots of us are very unhappy with this.
ZA Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2012-11-22 15:14
Increase it to at least 200! But DICE won't, they are too lazy.
US Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2012-11-29 20:56
look i dont get xfire and steam and afew others got this friend list down to be able to add alot more than 100 friends to thier progams. i think EA and dice and who ever is running the orgin progam. need to stop with the cop outs on why and who can and can not fixs this.if it cant be fixed soon . then go to xfire or steams and give them the right to do all of this friend list and battlelog at least they know what they are doing and have thier act together. GET A CULE ON HOW TO ASK FOR HELP,
NL Enlisted: 2011-10-29
2012-12-11 19:45
so easy too change this. Its probably just a parameter in the scripts that need too be changed

this company keeps irritating their users.

But hey.... you and me, we all, will buy the next game anyway so they do not care what we ask