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First Galactic Conquest Server Up for Origin Users

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Galactic Conquest Origin FRIZAG

Server located in Seattle

All you need to do to play on the server is download the Galactic Conquest v5.0 full client and install it. []
Then install the patch []
or []

From then on, just launch the Galactic Conquest Shortcut and you are good to go.

Autokick for Teamkilling
Will disable FF if it gets to be a problem.
All maps in rotation.

Go here to fix your resolution on modern systems []
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Awesome, thanks.


You mentioned 5.0... There's a 5.3 patch, can we get that on there?
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2012-11-08 05:46
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2012-11-08 06:14
cant get the second patch for dc or this.kind of says file not found
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2012-11-08 06:16
tell it to ignore
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2012-11-08 06:18
no I cant download it even
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2012-11-08 06:22
Added new link, try that one.
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2012-11-08 06:29
Hey moderators it would be great to have this pinned like the Desert Combat mod!
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2012-11-08 06:48
Five players already, love it.
Going to get a forgotten hope server running too.
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2012-11-08 06:54
You or I should try setting up an official GC platoon as well. You could use the GC icon as the emblem maybe.

Would be a good way to create a small community within BLog and get games goin
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2012-11-08 08:16
That's a great idea Serslicey. Count me in once I get this stuff installed.
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2012-11-12 05:03 , edited 2012-11-12 18:50 by Skyhawk02
I definitely want to play this mod again! So should I just install 5.0 but not the 5.3 patch to play it?


Edit: oops, if only I had read one line further I would have seen the links for the patch, I will download it now. it doesn't look like anyone ever plays on the Galactic Conquest server though...
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2013-03-27 01:24
is this server still up?
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2015-05-17 03:06
Galactic Conquest has a server here. []

Events are being organized on saturdays and announced here. []

New Blood needed to revitalize this classic! The 8.1 version which is running is one-click installation.

A direct download link -> []
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