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BF3 Freeze/Minimize Crash FIX [NVIDIA 500/600 GTX]

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First off, I just want people to understand that problems with the game or your hardware/software can depend on MANY things, do not take my fix for granted but give it a try. The beginning of my problems started when I purchased a second monitor and decided to use multiple displays. I didn't know however that my old EVGA NVIDIA 570 GTX would show problems in running Battlefield 3 with it on full graphics, I had no FPS drops just that my windows performance seemed to be strangely lacking and then my computer would suffer from a full freeze that required a hard-restart to fix it (Power Button)

Details of the two types of Crashes I experienced in the past 2 weeks

NVIDIA 570 GTX: Windows Crash - Full Screen (With Picture) freeze, no sound, no BSOD. Forced to Power Down my computer.

NVIDIA 670 GTX: Battlefield 3 freezes for a few seconds, minimizes to desktop, the game is still running but due to an NVIDIA driver crash, I cannot maximize it. The game is fully frozen like Ice. CTRL-ALT-DELETE End process works to close it.

After I thought my 570 was getting too weak or faulty, I bought a 670. Even though I could have fixed my issue with the 570, it was a good trade because I got 2 free games with it :) (Assassin's Creed III and Borderlands 2)

Solution to Crash (on both Cards or Series)

The problem is that because these graphics cards come factory clocked to high levels, Battlefield 3, maybe after a recent patch with BF3 or NVIDIA driver 306.97 or 310.33 (Beta) has become sensitive to the power levels that these overclocked cards deal. The problem lies somewhere between these two area's, that I am sure of and I've done enough testing of my hardware to prove it.

For me, it was a matter of locking my FPS where it appeals "smooth" to the human eye. I locked my FPS at 65 and my game runs perfect with no crashes or even an FPS freeze now. To do this, I downloaded this piece of software where you can also find the BF3 Windowed Fullscreen mod (good for streamers!)

Realmware's BF3 Settings Editor - []

This program should immediately pick up your BF3's in-game settings, all you have to do is follow the screenshots. [] - Go into the program and scroll to the Console Commands tab, change the highlighted field in the image to your desired amount of FPS, save it and your game will never go above that FPS limit. My card (670 GTX) can run 80-90 FPS perfect but 60 is about the limit the human eye sees "Smoothly" so I set it to 65 to give it that little bit of extra breathing room.

For a GTX 570, it depends on how it's clocked but if I had my old 570 I would set it to 40-45 perhaps, or base it on whatever you get in general. [] - After that, save yourself a little profile like I did.

Next Step! NVIDIA Control Panel!

Open your NVIDIA Control Panel and go to "Manage 3D Settings", apply the following options you see in these screenshots. We're going to be changing the Global tab and the Battlefield 3 tab so that the card settings apply globally but also to Battlefield 3 singular, you don't want two types of options over-riding and clashing each other because that causes problems. As well as using NVIDIA's control panel also causes major problems in some games that are delicate like BF3 clearly is. [] - Global Settings #1 (Top of list) [] - Global Settings #2 (Bottom of list) [] - Battlefield 3 Settings #1 (Top of list) [] - Battlefield 3 Settings #2 (Bottom of list)

After all of that, give your computer a quick restart to better apply the changes and run BF3. I would -recommend- playing an infantry map or a game with a -lot- going on like Armored Kill maps with tons of vehicles, explosions, really push your graphics to see if the problem triggers again. If this solution does not work for some people, I'm afraid I've done all I can but I'm not an Expert just an Advanced user when it comes to things like this.

Big thanks to Pollux-34 for helping me solve my problems, I owe him credit. I hope it all works for you guys to! Leave feedback.
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A friend of mine and I have been having this same trouble for a while with a few games. We both have SOC gtx 680s and were at a loss as to why these games kept crashing in a uniform way. I'll test this out and post back my results.

Edit: Did not work for us.
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2014-09-19 20:45
Reupload the photos??pls!!
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The Pictures are not working (404 not found).

And the BF3 Settings Editor doesn't start either.. Man this was my last hope, I spend days in the internet to find a solution and nothing works. If I would have the chance, I would give this game back. And I will never buy any game again from EA or DICE.
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