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BTB Spec Ops (PS3)

US Enlisted: 2011-10-31
2013-02-03 01:46
By The Book Spec Ops is a Tier 1 Special Forces group formed by Commander Iron-Death of BTB, and Lieutenant E7h1i4l3 of BTB and TTK. We are a tactical clan spanning across many games and are always recruiting. Screenings will be held regularly on various games. Watch for information about screening.
We screen members for recruitment to ensure we don't allow problematic members in. (Under 16 ARE allowed to join, but are junior members)

We are a Tactical Clan and use the US Navy's ranking system. We revolve solely on teamwork and discipline. BTB Games include Battlefield 3 (Flag Game), Socom Confrontation, MAG and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Two.

Members are also active on Payday: The Heist, Dust 514 (upcoming BTB Game), Dead Island and NHL 13

Post in the clan page if you are interested in screening for BTB.
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Thread is locked.