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Tank and IFV tactic help?

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2013-02-24 19:21
Hi. I'm a long time BF2 tank driver, and not so long time BF3 tank driver.
I have a problem though in understanding of a certain thing: why is IFV can kill me (tank) faster, than i can even disable him.

I mean, i have not problem taking enemy tanks, due to many yrs of bf2 experience, i have pretty good aim, and in 70% chance, i kill the enemy tank by maneuvering and hiding behind obstacles. I even can pretty easy destroy enemy helis and jets.

BUT, when it comes to IFV, i am geting raped even with reactive armor: i spot him, i shoot him 2 times, he may!!! get disabled if doesn't have reactive armor, but i have an advantage, right? And then he returns the fire, 1 second...tank disabled, can't move, can't maneuver...2 seconds - i'm dead.

So how can it be possible, that an fast, lightly armed Anti-Infantry vehicle, face to face, can destroy a slow, heavy tank beast 2 times faster than a tank can destroy it.

Currently, when i play on Gulf of Oman, when i see that an IFV spotted me, I being in a tank(sic!), run like OH SHIT SHIT, release the iv smoke and on extra speed driving behind the cover. The only way to get them, is to flank them, which i do, however their advantage in speed makes it very hard to do so.

Can anyone suggest me some tactics how to stay alive in tank vs IFV?
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2013-02-24 19:26 , edited 2013-02-24 19:27 by rukh018WAGhpjq
see them first
spot them
deploy smoke before they realise where you are (and can spot you)
drive back
shoot trough smoke
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2013-02-24 19:27
IFV shells pass right through reactive armor

nothing you can do about it
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2013-02-24 19:36 , edited 2013-02-24 19:37 by chetzi
@Loovoo, Smiert
Thanks, bro's! []
Yea, i think i found out what weapon they use, it is called APFSDS-T Shell.
Seems that this is one of DICE balancing consequences.

If i was 10 yrs, i would probably switch to IFV and rape the fuck out if tanks ^^ , but <3 is for tanks, forever, gonna keep tryin' :) I thought I just was getting too old for this...
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