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Guide to Forum Use

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Guide to forum use

Welcome to and Battlelog!
Battlelog exists to be helpful, productive, and build a stronger Battlefield community. We hope that you enjoy your time spent here. Make new friends, discover new strategies, discuss improvements to the games, and get answers to your questions.

These guidelines explain what behavior is expected of you when posting anything on Battlelog, whether in the forums, News post comments, or otherwise.

Post Guidelines
The purpose of these forums is to create a productive and inviting space in which players can discuss, seek help, and give feedback on Battlefield. Posts that do not contribute to this end are subject to removal per the judgment of forum staff. Users that regularly violate rules or who are disruptive are subject to disciplinary action (bans) per the judgment of forum staff.

Use the search feature
Duplicate content will be removed to promote the usefulness of this forum. Repeat reposting will result in a temporary ban.

Be descriptive
Other users may have similar but different ideas or problems. The more information that is provided the more productive your post will be.

Posting with “DICE” or “EA” in the title of a thread is discouraged
It is redundant and causes clutter. We take your feedback seriously and to heart. By posting in these forums we understand that you are addressing us.

Employee call outs
Avoid creating threads with the names of the Admins, Mods or other employees in the title. Threads posted in this manner will be locked.

Do not post in all caps
If you do, your content will be removed and you will receive a temporary ban.

Do not abuse the Spoiler BBCode
Improper or excessive use of the spoiler BBCode with sole-interest to disrupt the community will not be tolerated.

No swearing
Swearing and profanity are not allowed in any post or comment made to any site.

No petition threads
The nature of a forum is that discussion and interest will naturally bring important and relevant topics to light. Petitions do not contribute to a useful and productive forum.

Unwanted topics
Posts, feeds, platoons that contain the following elements, per the judgment of forum staff, are not permitted:
• Obscenity
• Sexism
• Racism
• Personal defamation
• Harassment
• Encouragement of illegal activity
• Spam - including "hooah" spamming ( [] ) and/or necroing threads (posting on threads that have not been posted on in months in order to spam the forums)
• Repeat posting
• All-caps posts
• Flaming
• “Bumps” - including 'necroing' threads
• Advertising
• Political and religious discussions
• "Official" threads
• "Master Race"
• Discussion of moderation.

Users that promote illegal activity will be banned indefinitely.
Users that post real-life threats will be banned indefinitely.
Users that promote hacking, torrenting, or exploits will be banned indefinitely.
Users posting pornographic material will be banned indefinitely.
Users posting the personal details of other users will be banned indefinitely.
Users that impersonate forum staff or EA/DICE employees will be banned indefinitely.

Forums staff will enforce these rules with the editing or removal of content and banning of offending posters. Repeat offenders will be me met with prolonged or indefinite bans.

Naming and Shaming
Naming and shaming those who you believe to be cheating is not permitted on the forum or Battlelog posts. It is not productive and does not expedite action taken against these players. Any references of this type will be removed. Instead, Report players directly for investigation. This rule also applies to the naming of servers and the admins of servers you feel are in breach of the RoC.

Reporting potential cheaters
If you want to report a potential cheater, visit the user’s Battlelog profile, click the report "exclamation mark” symbol at the top-right of their page, and fill in the reason for reporting them. You can submit links to videos or Battle Reports with evidence supporting your suspicions of cheating. We investigate all reports and will take action if a player is found to be cheating. For more information on how we work to suppress cheating in Battlefield, head to this Battlelog News post: []

I’ve been banned from posting on Battlelog – What do I do?
Take a break, go for a walk, play some Battlefield – it’s not a big deal. We’re not mad at you, you’re not in trouble – you just need a break. Do not post or complain about your ban. This will result in an extension of your ban. Temporary bans are not subject to appeal. If you feel that you have been long-termed banned incorrectly please contact us at

Being temporarily banned from posting on Battlelog means that you have broken the rules of the forum or have not been participating in a constructive fashion. Please review the rules and guidelines as posted above. A short-term ban is our way of preventing further disruptive behavior and asking you to reexamine your behavior.

Being temporarily banned from posting on Battlelog will not prevent you from accessing your game. In extreme cases of misconduct, you will additionally be banned from playing the game.

Please review our Terms of Service
Details of the EA Terms of Service can be found here: []

While the EA Terms of Service is detailed and specific (and you should read it), as long as you adhere to the guidelines written above you will be fine.

Thanks for taking part in the ever growing Battlefield community. We hope you will enjoy your stay.

/The DICE team
Battlelog Producer
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