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What we miss from BF2 that we NEED in BF4

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Agree with everything except changing the points/ranking system,

and also need to have

- Naval warfare including submarines

- 3 or 4 different types of planes/helictopters on larger maps (F-117, A-10, F-15, F-16, F/A-18 and equivalents)

- Maps with 3 airfields.

- Larger planes (Dropship) drivable, and a large map with heavy bombers e.g. B-1B Lancer, similar to the map in AIX2 (A BF2 mod) with the SR-71

- Pretty much everything from AIX2 - Teargas, Grappling Hooks, ZIplines, Night Vision (and night maps that are actually dark)

- More Forces than just US and RU, e.g China, United Kingdom etc

- Different textures for vehicles to match different terrain.
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2013-03-21 16:43
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2013-03-21 16:48
Syni13 said:
CptainCrunch said:
Say NO to BF 2.5!
You have no idea how the game looks, runs, or feels... But your saying SAY NO?.. Do you have the logic of a 5 year or something? Glad you won't be playing "BF 2.5".

Please show me where I can see how BF4 looks and feels. Post up the links and videos.

Oh wait, you cant do that either.

The discussion is nothing about how the game looks, runs, or feels, its about features. Your logic is about an idea in your head and the emotion of it and not even on the topic being discussed. You think back from years ago and how "awesome" and "perfect" a game was and it wasnt.

You are correct about one thing though, if it is a BF 2.5 I wont be playing it, I already own that.
If you're new to BF4 and getting frustrated about higher ranked players:
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you all are leaving out the main item of all games...

balance, fucking make the game balanced.
if you make a BF3 m16a3 for the medic class
make a gun to equal it for the other classes this way you get some diversity in your classes
instead of a 32 man server with 31 players as medic.
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2013-03-21 16:51
A battle recorder and a spectator mode are needed if BF4 is to be a game included in competitive circuits. That's something that really hindered BF3 in that respect.
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2013-03-21 16:53
Good point, I agree. Especially 2-seated bombers ;;)
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2013-03-21 17:03
Top post pity dice dont take any interest in what people think or say
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2013-03-21 17:07
I dont actually think DICE read or put ideas into the game that the BF community want
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2013-03-21 17:10
Bf2 with better graphics would be all i ask for.
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2013-03-21 17:10
Fw-SparkysFury said:
Top post pity dice dont take any interest in what people think or say

It looks like you have missed a few threads lately where DICE almost has been posting more stuff than the actual members.
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2013-03-21 17:11
Ir0nsights said:
6 Man squads
Commander...Also being able to tell squads where and what to attack.
Battle Recorder
Spectator Mode

NO 3D spotting, with a silly bright icon above a players head (easy mode)
NO Kill Cam

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2013-03-21 17:26
Totally agree
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2013-03-21 17:30
100% agree Sir Ir0nsights
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2013-03-21 19:33
Glad I'm not the only one that wants this!
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2013-03-21 21:37
Let's hope DICE read this!
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2013-03-21 21:40
Couldn't agree anymore!
Please DICE! Don't turn this into another COD with vehicles
We want two seated jets! + Jet bombs
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2013-03-21 21:49
They need to read this!
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THE BEST IDEA EVER! I'm dreaming for this game !!! BF2 style with better graphics than BF3!!! Me and my friend are the biggest fans of the 2 seated jets! I hope all of the things you said to be in BF4! :] +1 for your post
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2013-03-21 22:16
Suppression is a good thing.
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2013-03-21 22:20
-Less blue tint
-Less sun-glare
-Uniform diversity ie similar to weapon customization but for your character's clothing (vests, gloves, helmets, boots etc)
-No female soldiers (Ill just laugh the whole time watching them prance around, plus their menstruation attracts bears.... I dont want bears on the battlefield)
-Better detailed weapon accessories (However, I do like how weapon customization is in BF3 with the three slots)
-Two seater jets ie F15 (incorporating more team work)
-More than one variant of jet, trans heli, and attack heli per faction (F-18, F-35, SU-35 got old rather quickly; I dont care if its accurate to RL... its a game)
-Limited ammo on vehicles with refill stations at base (this will cut down on assholes who never seem to go away)
-Ability to enter enemy base but make it difficult to camp; perhaps the player gets highlighted on the minimap automatically when he enters the enemy base?
-Lose the 3D spotting all together.
-Commander mode with a 3D map of the battlefield (also in order for the commander to command he needs to be in the main headquarters structure)
-Headquarters structure in bases should be destroyable along with artillery pieces
-Six man squads
-Give squad leaders more abilities and more rewards for good leadership (hand thrown UAV maybe and maybe they get exclusive weapon equipment?)
-Less linear maps with better flag placement (no straight lines anymore please!)
-Make maps waaay more expansive with more flanking routes. even the open maps tend to have funnel feeling to them in BF3. Look at any BF2 map for inspiration
-Better hitreg (not fond of dying when completely behind cover)
-Better destruction. BF3 hardly focused on big scale destruction (one area I loved BFBC2)
-Here's something little but it always bugged me: No more of the fences that explode when knifed instead give squad leaders or engineers wire cutters.
-More classes. Four still seems incredibly limited to me. I want more diversity on the battlefield. 5-6 would be better imo
-Revamp flight model. I'd prefer the BF2 heli and jet flight model. the helis seem incredibly limited with maneuverability with the current flying cucumber flight model
-Get rid of the 2D trees that follow you haha reminds me of an old Tom Clancy Rainbow Six game from 2000 plus its just looks lazy on DICE's part
-China as main adversary. Im tired of russia. Im sort of tired of the US also. Maybe throw MEC and euro in the game to mix things up.
-Zip-lines and grappling hooks
-Colonel should be last rank but should take as long to get to it as it does to get to level 100 colonel (the prestige system is lame)
-Better weather effects
-Give commander the ability to deploy the five best players on each team to be spec ops at a certain point in the game (SEALS and chinese spec ops) with different capabilities
-Get rid of the gigantic ammo and health crates. return to bf2 style pouches
-Give the ability to refill and reheal other players without having to throw the pouches on the ground
-Get rid of the vehicle disabled system... it only forces players to bail out
-Reward players for working together
-Enhanced Commarose that actually works but with a spam limit/cooldown. I barely notice people wanting ammo or health unless they stand in front of me for 30 seconds shooting at my face
-Amphibious warfare with ships and submarines
-Sub-surface swimming giving players the ability to infiltrate secretively onto bases
-I'd want to say fast ropes off helis but i doubt players would be given the opportunity to utilize them appropriately
-Make light poles fully destructible... if i had a dollar for every time I hit one with a heli...
-Bring back the terrain destruction (big craters)
-Less urban settings. focus on actual battlefields
-50 cal sniper rifles (I dont know what you could do to balance it)
-Make cockpits in aircraft more detailed and give players options on how close they want to be to the hud (dont force the player to shove his face up against the canopy)
-More vehicle views (chase came for heli needs to change)
-Aircraft should be more powerful. AA is way too prevalent as of now and guns on aircraft are far too weak
-No more stupid magazine limits for vehicles just give them a overheat meter and an overall ammo limit
-If you make an island map dont just give us a section of the island... give us the whole island. Kharg island had a lot of potential
-Ability to change race of characters
-Fire the character model artist... Marines dont wear bandoliers around their necks in combat
<----------Player models should look more like this guy
-Destructible AA at bases. That was incredibly irritating to get shot down by them and not able to do anything about it
-Detailed interiors of buildings
-Tweak movement... I shouldnt need to do that vault over a small boulder
-Vary first person character models from class to class
-Add the drag feature to MP... there are several instances where it would come in handy
-Limit the ability to repair aircraft while airborne
-TV missiles need to destroy tanks with one hit
-Ceiling on maps need to be waaaaaaaaay higher. it limits dogfighting capabilities
-Jets need to be a lot faster (450 mph is cruising speed for fighter jets, so after burner should knock it up to supersonic speeds)
-Soflam should be handheld and you should be able to mark more than just vehicles
-Dumb bombs for jets
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