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New BF4 Classes!

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2013-03-29 18:11

I would like to share an idea and hear your opinion about it...

We need new classes and new incentives for coop play within multiplayer, these are my suggestions:

1. Sniper and Spotter as Recon group - they work best together, but each can perform alone - one is on the trigger, and the other is on binoculars - when they coop Sniper has distance shown somewhere on HUD, but to achieve this the Spotter has to use circular order command like "Distance to Target". When distance is called it is easier to hit target.

If they are together, it works for the best for both of them.

Spotter can also call out Mortar strikes, Artillery, Air strike - to each team member that is currently on that weapon/vehicle(or it can be like in BF BC2). There are many interesting options.

Rewards for coop play awarded.

2. Medic and Assault as separate classes as Spearhead group. While assault is given grenade launchers, medic has only defensive items like smoke. Assault gains bonus health when cooped with medic, and medic has the usual medic pack and defib and generally better suppression resistance.

3. Engineer and Heavy Gunner as Anti-Vehicle group - while one mainly performs as support for vehicles, the other is master of vehicle destruction. Engineers can use mines while Heavy uses RPG....all is generally based on one taking aggressive role and the other passive, but both gain from linking up. In this case Engineer performs better while repairing while under cover from Heavy...

4. LMG Gunner and Ammo carrier as Support group - one wreaks havoc and suppression while the other provides ammo for every team member in general, but Ammo carrier has the ability to use mortar on targets. First one gives more suppression while near ammo carrier, has more ammo available in general and the other has greater area to cover with strikes when under protection.

I don't know...I just threw the ideas out - basically there are a lot of options, and especially those improving teamplay should be introduced in Battlefield series.

This would make an ideal squad of 9 members, one being the leader...and he would be separate class, spec-ops or something...allowing him to participate in each team with some kind of bonus and maybe allowing quick-map drawing to organize the squad and perform better tactics. Each group taking place on drawn area and performing as commanded gaining bonus rewards.

Well, now I see this is a longshot...but I believe it has great potential.
XK Enlisted: 2012-08-08
2013-03-29 18:12
Why have so many when you could just mash them together?

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2013-03-29 18:14 , edited 2013-03-29 18:15 by Xietsu
#1 spotter would gimp recon too much compared to the other classes

#2 assault was underused in BF2

would be havoc requiring 2 man teams for 24 player size maps which current-gen consoles revolve around

solid concept though, OPie, maybe could be implemented in a game mode of sorts, but probably wont be =[ ;p

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2013-03-29 18:16
That is really confusing. And what we need to remember is that battlefield used to have a class system like that, but they noticed that people were really never the support classes, they were all assault, medic, etc. So they mashed the classes together so that all the support fetures like ammo boxes and health packs, etc would be used.
US Enlisted: 2011-12-21
2013-03-29 18:16
WtF is with that title!! You Make it sound like this is an official statement
NL Enlisted: 2011-10-24
2013-03-29 18:17
When they are at this stage of the game I think it's rather useless to post ideas like this. It's not gonna happen.
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CA Enlisted: 2012-06-25
2013-03-29 18:17
Haspayne said:
WtF is with that title!! You Make it sound like this is an official statement

lol when I clicked on this link I thought that I would see new classes, I agree with you.
AU Enlisted: 2011-11-06
2013-03-29 18:20
I do think the classes should be revamped, in Battlefield 2 you had classes that were quite underplayed because they had very little value in terms of what they were capable of. In Battlefield 3 though it's the complete opposite, you have 4 classes all capable of doing everything. If BF3 had any teamwork mechanics at all, this would affect them. If BF4 fixes what BF3 should have been, you'll want to revamp the classes to allow players to work together more.
IL Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2013-03-29 18:24 , edited 2013-03-29 18:24 by AntisemeticCat
4 man squads is enough , the British SAS move in 4 man f teams or squads
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HR Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2013-03-29 18:24
That means title is good - attracts attention ;)

I truly believe this is an easy implemented gameplay mechanic - only needs good ideas from community to make it work in best possible way.

For example, squad leader could easy draw few lines and insert predefined group icons to make it clear to entire squad what positions and lines of movement to take...this should be easy to draw within 15 seconds to keep up the game flow...
UM Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2013-03-29 18:27
If you want 8 classes from 4 classes, Engineer should be split into Engineer and anti-tank/AA soldier. If you carry RPG, you should give up the repair kit.
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