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Map Editor for BF4 (EA/Dice-Request)

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2013-08-28 05:04
Oh, that will be cool!
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2013-09-02 00:28
Pls pls pls pls pretty pls!

Think of your roots DICE! Bf2 is based on a mod! Many many great maps we are still playing are user made!

A map editor would bring so much to the game and you wouldnt have licence issues to solve!

Look at my profile. I also played Bf2 and BFBC2 the same amount of time.

I am a bf veteran talking!

We need map tools! It would give so much to the game!
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2013-09-03 20:40
a map editor like FC3 is not a bad thing but it's too limited.

- impossible to add new textures
- impossible to add new 3D objects (buildings, scenery, vehicles, ...)

thereby mappers's creativity is limited. I saw on counter stike how good mappers can make awesome maps with a good open tool, look at BF2 Mods and you will understand the power of a mod tools ;)

With a closed editor you will see always the same buildings, environments ... therefore nothing really new that you have already saw in the basic game.
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2013-11-28 12:43
hm two months and still no official statement on this topic.

Well, let me introduce a buisness model supporting the map editor/ mod editor idea.

Imagine You can earn money while doing nothing! You read this about a thousand times, most often in your outlook spamfolder? Well this time you really should continue reading ;)

1. Give the editor to all registered players for free
2. Let them create vast amounts of new content - using them as free labor.
3. Watch the usage of the new content - if it exceeds a given rating, reject free usage for the asset and charge a fee.
4. Use some kind of price dictated by request algorithm, early adopters will pay less or even get it for free.

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2013-12-19 21:21
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2014-01-12 13:27
bump for awesome idea
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2014-01-18 01:40
It would be awesome if they limited the map editor, to same tree's and mountains and that,
so its exaktly as bf4 + china rising, and upg map editor when game updates,

Beside Campaign is same maps like multiplayer, just bigger.
But mostly same nerly.

Campaign whas short and easy. even whit hard. (but Verry good Story, but few exeptions)
So why not let us have map editor/Creator whit same future the maps has atm?
I dont see how you can lose anything in value.
Becouse its not like we quit becouse we get it,
i think more will like the game whit abit more maps whit same future it has atm.
Like Few people said few comments back. same map over and over 200 times, Even more.
Feels like diablo after awhile. (whit First person and a weapons that shoots bullets instead pokeing whit a sword.)
I thought BF4 should be Something diffrent then bf2 and bf3.
But its same deal.
Just better grafics atm.
And i am Verry Happy about that,

But isnt it that goverment delivers and orders, but Soldiers that makeing the diffrents?
Atleast give us a chance to prove that Soldiers are those Who make diffrents?

(Not trying offend any or anything about bf4. Just opinion from my part)
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2014-04-29 23:48
if you want something similar to that go and check out cry-engine 3 sandbox. It's not Frostbite but about equally good-looking on ultra high.
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2014-10-24 08:00
War, war never changes.
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2014-11-01 03:51
I wish they would but its very unlikely since they make so much off of 4 maps per pack.

That being said I'd gladly pay 25$ for a map editor that we would use and share maps with other players if they would ever consider it, Or make it part of their premium package they have for every game :o, that would for sure give more incentive.

I know for at least me I get bored having not that many maps to rotate through, I also think having more maps would increase the life span of these games.
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2015-02-20 18:59
They will do it they only pick a very few amount the chances of winning are very slim and they might cost you or not not really sure yet but IT IS HAPPENING
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2015-02-23 18:10
Maps also should definitely go through a playability test.
But I gotta agree with the idea of a FarCry-like map editor because that's easy to learn, and it usually isn't full of broken maps because they go through validation criteria. I FULLY SUPPORT THIS IDEA! whether it be premium or not. not my concern because I'm premium.
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