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Can I report a clan?

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2013-04-06 22:00
I was just in a game on Metro where my team pushed the opposition—a German clan—to the Bravo doors. It was a heavily stacked team, the game was quite competitive but it was clear that our team (the non-stacked team) had the slight edge.
Anyway, after flanking behind their whole team who were all bunched up by the corner doors and proceeding to kill them, myself and a few others were "killed by admin".
Once we were on their team we asked why were we switched?

Their answer then was to declare that the server was a German ONLY server and that we should leave.

They then kicked us.

I know that 'British' isn't actually a race, but isn't it being a little bit racist to kick because we're not of the same Nationality?... Just a tiny bit racist?

Imagine they said the server was white ONLY?

... And I was black?

Anyway, 'GERe'

Bad, bad clan. The worst yet.

I fully expected a good game; a fight with a team consisting almost primarily of one clan, but no.... They'd rather kick the opposition.
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2013-04-06 22:01
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2013-04-06 22:04
Please don't spam. ^js
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2013-04-06 22:07
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2013-04-06 22:10
HenryBlackberyEA said:
Please don't spam. ^js
Team Astro
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