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[WY6] Watch Your Six - Realism MilSim Unit

US Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2013-05-11 15:20 []
Watch Your Six (WY6) is a tactical realism clan focusing on providing its members with the best xbox experience possible. We're heavily military-oriented and strive to be the best in-game and out. Our organization will train recruits to be able to effectively accomplish any task given to them and much more. Check us out!

WY6 stands here as a fortress for all to see, gathering Veteran and New players worldwide and fueling them with confidence, support, training, and efficiency.

- We are a newer, upcoming organization looking for members of all types regardless of experience

- We play all game modes but center around SQUAD RUSH, CONQUEST, and RUSH

- Communication and Teamwork are our advantages over our enemy

Just A few requirements
- Must have and use a mic.
- Be a team player. On objective based games (Rush or Conquest) K/D Ratio is not important, this isn't CoD.
- Focus on your role and use your tools (Example. If you're a engineer, repair friendlies and focus on eliminating enemy armor)
- Willingness to learn and better yourself under supervision and guidance of a higher experienced member

We are a Military Simulation/Tactical Realism unit, structured and ranked but don't let that scare you. We WILL help you grow, and we will respect you from the beginning.

Yes, we are fairly new, and this is your chance to get in now and help us expand.
We are planning big things in the near future and you have a chance to be apart of it from the beginning.

Join our website @ []
Join our BL platoon @ []
NOTICE: We currently have a US Division, UK Division, and an AU Division.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<******MEMBER TIPS******>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
How to earn quick promotions:
1) Wear the WY6 tag "AT ALL TIMES"
2) Stay active on the website and the battlelog platoon
3) Post on the forums frequently
4) Strive to do your best and always give 110%
5) Practice good teamwork habits by playing sessions with WY6 Members
6) Fan Battlelog platoons

Combat Tips:
Prepare to be emancipated.
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