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[BTK] BornToKill Recruiting

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2013-07-03 05:45
Join BTK today! Born To Kill is a Playstation 3 clan that originated from Medal of Honor: 2010 on August 28th, 2011. We were one of the best MoH clans out there, and still play to this very day! We have had more than our share of clan battles on both games: we've won and we've lost. Medal of Honor: Warfighter was supposed to be our next big game to move on to, but since MoH:WF turned out to be a complete failure for us and many others, we've decided to not only stick to Medal of Honor: 2010 but to expand our horizons and expand BTKBF3 as well! We are looking for members who are especially good with a particular role, wether it be jet pilot, sniper, etc. The BTKBF3 branch leaders are ShishkeBobbie (myself) and xXquickXshotXx. Here is a list of requirements:

You MUST be at least a Warrant Officer in ranking. We don't want a bunch of Master Seargeants running aound like chickens with their head cut off against a bunch of Colonel 70s, 80s, etc. If you are not a Colonel, then you can not participate in clan battles In less you prove yourself worthy, but you can be a member of our platoon and play with us as often as you like.

Don't worry about nationality: we accept players all over the globe. We have members in locations such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and more. If you are to join BTKBF3, however, you do need to speak at least understandable English.

You don't have to have a microphone to chat, but it is very necessary that you do. We don't want our message boxes to be filled to the brim with "GUY ON UR 6" or "ENMY SPTTD OVR" from 2 or 3 of the same people It could get rather annoying.

Your official K/D, W/L, total hours, etc. don't really matter to us, but you must be able to keep a good K/D above 2 consistently from match to match (me and Shishkebobbie will decide for ourselves if you are good enough to join us, this is just a good number for you to try to achieve Kill/Death-wise).

Respect other clan members and members in authority. We don't want any internal conflict among our community. Do not disrespect any members who are not above the required rank of Warrant Officer to join: they are members who have moved from Medal of Honor with us who don't have a lot of time to play.

No trash-talk to other clans is considered acceptable behavior unless they have insulted you first. Remember the golden phrase: "Do not fire unless fired upon."

Your age nor gender doesn't really matter to us, but we want mature players who can listen to us, keep up with us toe to toe and be able to take the occasional order. Please, the last thing we want is a 5-year-old CoD player raging over a hitmarker, wearing our tags. This isn't to say we're a "Hardcore" clan: we can be fun at times and tend to screw around on empty servers from time to time after a good long match.

We want players who are good with suppressed weapons, both primaries and sidearms. It doesn't matter what gun: use what you're comfortable with. If you're skilled with using a QBB-95, so be it. If you're good with using a basic M4, so be it. If you're good with using an M39 EMR, so be it. Put a suppressor on it and make it go "Ka-Blam..." rather than "KA-BLAM!!!!!!" it can save your ass believe it or not

ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, NO SHOTGUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We HATE shotguns with a fiery passion! The only time you will ever be permitted to use shotguns is if we are screwing around on an empty server, you are alone or otherwise permitted.

No clan hoppers are allowed whatsoever. We will check your clan history and will question you about who you have been with. Our rivals are ATRX, AzTk, and UPK . We will not take anyone who is or was a clan member, no "if"s, "and"s, or "but"s about it. If you leave our clan and wish to rejoin, we do believe in second chances on certain people, but our response may very depending on the scenario.

The most important requirement of all is to have fun! We want our members to be happy as well as active! That's the key to a successful clan!

"We are Family; We are Born To Kill."

~ShishkeBobbie, xXquickXshotXx
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2014-08-28 03:33
Das deutsche Born To Kill besteht seit 2011
IT Enlisted: 2013-10-06
2015-05-20 16:01
Can i join? :D
US Enlisted: 2014-02-23
2015-05-21 01:14
Can I join your platoon?
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2015-09-08 00:11
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2015-09-19 18:14
id like to join if im good enough
GB Enlisted: 2015-05-02
2015-10-19 06:46 , edited 2015-10-19 06:46 by Th3Inf3rnus
I'll join if you're still recruiting. 2 K/D? Bro, I tend to hit 2-3 average. Not tryna boast or anything but I am pretty good at Battlefield.

I am premium by the way...I don't know why it doesn't show that. It just looks like I bought the DLC seperate...oh well.
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2015-10-25 15:39
I would like to join, I have searched for a competitive clan on the PS3 for a while now. My KD is about 2.5 and my SPM is 600-700.
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2015-10-25 16:25
I will love to join, psn is Tata204. Check me out
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Nos robaste el nombre del clan del BF3? no puedes ser mas original?.

Al menos hubieras consultado sobre este nombre "BTK". Ladrón
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