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This PB Server Requires (A1386 C2.331) - Error loa

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2013-07-11 11:02

Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player 'SwixOfSword' (for 0 minutes) ... This PB Server Requires (A1386 C2.331) - Error loading pbcl

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2013-07-11 11:21 , edited 2013-07-11 11:22 by iPLAYnFOURkay
update PB

If that doesn't work, try reinstalling PB
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2013-07-11 11:22
update PB
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2013-07-11 13:27
Same shit here
PL Enlisted: 2011-12-30
2013-07-11 13:55
A1386 C2.331 what's this ?
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2013-07-11 14:23
Meh this game is as bad as planet side 2.
PS2 you crash every 5 seconds to 5 minutes

This game you crash while loading or 3 minutes in.
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2013-07-11 15:27
somebody ! help me please !!!!! same problem this pbserver requires (a1386 c2.331) !!!!!! what should i do ???????????????????????????????????
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2013-07-11 15:30 , edited 2013-07-11 15:30 by scruffycavetroll
I started getting this last night too...something about a communication issue with pnkbstera.exe.

Went to their site, tried a few of the suggestions, including using their updater, and nothing worked. I uninstalled everything, origin, sim city, bf3, and will try reinstalling..hope that works, as I wanted to play for the first time in a month or so, and had no problems then.
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2013-07-11 15:40 , edited 2013-07-11 16:05 by johnathan321
same here it came to me yesterday and since a while ago i didn"t played the game ....... i just cheked the updates, repared the game on origin, and everything !!!!!!

HEY I FOUND IT ! uninstal the old punkbuster Go to the punkbuster website !!! download the software and updated [] then open it click add a game add bf3 then updated ounce again ! it should work
CA Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2013-07-11 16:10
Better question, is this BF4 content or BF3 content.. because it makes a world of a difference where you should have posted..
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2013-07-11 16:31
Try this [] download it to remove PB then go use this []
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2013-07-11 17:41
those links .. did it helped ?
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2013-07-11 17:56
Go to your C:/Progams(x86)/Origin Games/Battlefield 3/_Instaler/punkbuster/redist and use the pbsvc as an admin and re instal it, it worked for me
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2013-07-11 19:37
The wost company ever. i think they have to do it on purpose. Every time i try to play, "disconnected from EA online", "Can't connected from EA online, something went wrong" and now this.

When i play with a friend never play in the same team or squad. User has to host files in local PC..... DICE you have all to make a good game, but you fail.

The only interest you have is earn money, BF no more
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2013-07-11 19:52
Reinstall woked 4 me. thx
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2013-07-12 01:23
I've tried re-installing BF3, with all the expansions and repairing it, I've even re-installed and repaired punkbuster numerous times, still doesn't work for me...
Spent a whole lot of money on a game I can't even play for more than 2 minutes before getting kicked, lame... how can this not be dealt with?
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2013-07-12 02:09
I tried reinstalling but that didn't work either
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2013-07-12 08:56
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2013-07-12 21:14
I'm working on updating PB version with the link supplied by Neko Tinoss ^ and so far it's working. Been playing for around 15 minutes, 13 more than I normally played for! Thanks.
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2013-07-12 21:28
Yes update through pbsetup.exe worked for me.

My opinion:
1. It's very good there is any PunkBuster update to f... the cheaters, but..
2. F... the politics, that nothing is officially anounced by EA/Origin and everybody has to find the reason by himself.
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