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Looking for Partner/Friends for a 32 Slot Server

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2013-07-24 21:35
I am searching for some guys which want to order a server with us! We are 3 players now all around 20years old. The Server should be bought at and it will come to a total of ~23€/month with the Rcon.NET admin tool.
To lower the costs for everyone we are searching for at least 2 more players to get a total of ~5€/month each. Everyone that pays will get admin rights and everything else such as reserved slots etc. (you pay the server so you get the rights).

We are thinking about hosting a noob/immediate(i hope the word is right lol) server and would like to add some settings on rcon.NET to make this possible. For example max levels (~Colonel 20-25) and a max KDA of 2.5.
We know a max 60 server which is pretty good visited so i think we should be able to get the server running and make it worth.

Additional settings:
Mode: Normal
Maps: whatever everyone of the 5 admins want to play
Mode: same as maps but preferable Rush & Conquest; maybe 1-2 little TDM rounds in the rotation
Addons: this is a huge points but we should start the server on BF3 only first to get some player then we can still extend it and open some new maps/modes
Vehicle Spawns: can be decided later too

The Server will be paid every 3month to get a 5% off so it would be 15€ every 3 month. []

If you are interested pls feel free to contact me and share this post.


PS: We are all german but we can talk a pretty good english. (video games for the win :))
Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.