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q6600 @ 2.4GHZ. Ready for the scrapheap?

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2013-08-26 16:58
I can get reasonable playable framerates in BF3 with my Q6600 paired with a Radeon 7770. Is BF4 going to totally destroy my dream of holding on to this setup until BF5?

30-40 fps is enough for me as I come from a mainly console background (ignorance is bliss) Money is tight and in an emergency may have to grab a PS4!
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Lets hope the next BF game is not BF5 :)

Also that what settings/FPS are u running BF3?
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2013-08-26 21:43
Everything on Medium, except textures on high. Getting 35-55 FPS. Guessing on BF4 will drop to 30-40. I'm ok with that. My PC is doing well since I got it in March 2008 and only upgraded the GPU once from 8800GT to Radeon 7770.
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2013-09-18 09:22
You should overclock your GPU for better framerate. I'm also using the Q6600 & 5770, but I'm getting 40-60 fps with everything on medium. CPU is also overclocked to 2.8GHz with custom cooler.

I can't believe this CPU is still keeping up with current games, definately one of the best buys I ever did. With a slight overclock it should handle it, given the recommended system reqs for BF4: Quad core CPU (Intel Core i5 or i7) at 3 Ghz.

Also "Battlefield 4 is slightly optimized for AMD hardware, since the game also runs on next gen consoles, which are powered by AMD CPUs and GPUs. "

Sounds promising.
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You could build a pretty good PC for about half or just under of the price of a PS4, only thing that will bite ya in the butt is a newer vidcard and getting win7/8 if you don't have it already.
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2013-10-06 10:44
How the hell i cant get over 30 with q6600@3ghz and gtx460 786mb
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Hello, suggesting Overclock your CPU to at least 3.0, which should not be a problem at all with G0 or B3. Just add VCore voltage till 1,45 you should be fine with moderate aftermarket cooler (look at your CPU temps. Should be to 65°C). My q6600 is going 3,6 at 1,55 V, but I use dual tower with two fans. Yeah that famouse Austrian product. At 1,45V i could get stable to 3,3 but not more. With new cooler I can add more voltage and still cold. As others said Q6600 is one of the best CPU s EVER made. Have it for like 6-7 years and it still kicks in very nicely and is very durable.

Lower your strap,so your ram are still going on 800MHz (or certified) and not more.

I can play on Ultra-High at about 30-40 fps. But somewhat, I like only texture things on Ultra and SSAO things. Other lights and stuff do not appeal to me, so it raises FPS as well. With comparison of BF3, BF4 seems MUCH MORE demanding than BF3 (at least for cpu), which runs smooth 50+ fps. Hope this helps a bit.
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