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Languages for bf4 Xbox one

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2013-09-13 12:43
Can someone please help? I am a native English speaker living in Spain I want to preorder my copy of bf4 for the xbox one but I would like to know if I buy my copy of bf4 here in Spain can I change the game language form Spanish to English? This is not something you can do with xbox 360 games when you buy your Xbox 360 games in Spain the language is locked in Spanish. The console language can be changed but not the in game language, is this something that will be changed for bf4 on the Xbox one? I also own a ps3 and the in game language can be changed / selected but I do prefer xbox because it's better for gaming with my friends, so please don't answer with "buy a ps3 or 4." I would be very grateful for any info on this subject.
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2013-10-18 22:43 , edited 2013-12-19 18:06 by Proleader
Hello there, i want to know the same thing.
I have preorderd the game in Germany but cant speak or read German verry good.
Can we change the written/spoken language in the ingame menu etc. to Engish?

Edit 19-12-2013
I got the answer myself, the english language will automatically install if you put the Xbox Live country on UK first and install the game after.
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