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Zero-downtime Update, Nov 7th 2013

DK Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2013-12-11 14:34
- New setting to automatically launch BattleScreen when a multiplayer game starts
- Video background can now be turned on or off in Settings
- Improvements to Quickmatch/Play Now that increases the likelihood of joining a populated server
- Recommended Servers now link to the Server Info page
- Soldiers on the Profile page are now sorted in the order of BF4, BF3 and Medal of Honor
- The currently equipped Dog Tags are now shown for all soldiers on the Settings -> Soldiers page
- Usernames in the Geo Leaderboards are no longer written in uppercase
- Your soldier name and tag are now shown on Dog Tags everywhere
- Vehicles are now better categorized in Stats -> Vehicles
- You can now see emblem shapes you don't yet have access to
- Various minor improvements to Loadout

- Fixed an issue where Emblems could not be saved if too many users were saving at the same time
- Marking a Battle Report as a favorite on the Reports page no longer highlights the report
- Fixed an issue where Battle Reports wouldn't always load on the Reports page
- Fixed an issue where favorite Battle Reports would not show WON or LOST correctly
- Menu in the tablet app now highlights the page or section you're currently viewing
- You can now see the kills for the selected vehicle in Stats -> Vehicles
- BattleScreen now shows the G and H flags that were previously missing
- Fixed an issue where sorting by score in Battle Reports didn't sort correctly
- Opening Battlepacks on Battlelog while playing will no longer result in an error
- Added a scrollbar to Leaderboards in the in-game Battlelog overlay for PC, so it doesn't go out of bounds
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't see all the maps and modes on the server on the Server Info page
- The notice bar no longer breaks the menu on the Soldier pages
- Fixed an issue where the 3rd recommended server would overflow in some browsers
- Fixed an issue, where you wouldn't return to the Profile page after viewing a Battle Report and pressing back
- Forum signatures will no longer break the forum layout
- Fixed various minor issues with Loadout
Battlelog Producer
Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.