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Single shot accuracy // vs. netcode?

Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2014-01-03 15:12 , edited 2014-01-03 15:13 by Sdric_CTE_Mankey
Since I've been playing BF4 I never really got convinced by using single shoots, while back in BF2 I was toggling between fire modes all day long.

I thought it was "just a feeling" , that full auto seemed to be as, or even more accurate then continous single shots.
However, I've been leveling my DMRs for like 2 days now, playing those single-shot-only weapons nearly without a pause.

I do know that DMRs loose accuracy on continous shoots (if you shoot before the recoil settles), but I experienced so many situations where I pumped like 6 bullets into an enemy - at 3m - with him being in the middle of my crosshair (3,4x - so basically there was nothing on the screen but his body) - an no, or just a single, bullet registered.

I think most of us know the netcode issues from using full-auto weapons.
However, the issue seems to be 20 times worse for single shots.

Seeing that it wasn't just a weird feeling at the start, but happened each 2nd or 3rd encounter I really got convinced that single shots are broken.

Did you guys experience the same?
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2014-01-03 15:20
Sure because its hit detection that is having the issue. Every weapon is going to be affected by it and then you use a burst fire or single shot only weapon means that your shots are going to count even less when they need to most.
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