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Zero-downtime Update, Jan 28 2014

DK Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2014-01-28 10:00
- We are still aware that custom emblems are not always showing for console players. We have likely identified the issue and are working on a fix we hope to enable within a few weeks.

- You can now see the amount of unopened Battlepacks you have on the Home page
- Improved flow for installing and enabling the Battlelog plugin for Firefox 26 users
- Various minor tweaks and improvements

- Fixed an issue that could cause the in-game Battlelog on PlayStation 4 to not always load (may still occur; further investigations on-going)
- Fixed an issue with Chats, where messages would sometimes disappear until the page had been refreshed
- Fixed an issue where the local setting for video background and auto-showing BattleScreen was reset to off
- Fixed an issue where the progression calculation for upcoming Battlepacks on the Battlepacks page was incorrect
- Fixed an issue where incorrect Ribbon images were sometimes showed on the Awards page
- Fixed an issue where blocked users could continue to send friend requests
- BF3 Premium content that was date-based, e.g. strategy guides and videos, are now showing again
- Various minor fixes
Battlelog Producer
DK Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2014-01-28 10:11
- Fixed an issue with the list of all your soldiers, so it now shows the correct rank and soldier portrait
- Emblem on the soldier page is now no longer shown behind the player portrait
- Various minor tweaks and fixes
Battlelog Producer
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