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A fix for those whu are getting RendDX9.dll error

DK Enlisted: 2013-06-14
2014-02-11 07:26
Hey there. many people have is issue with a missing or defect file in their DirectX9/10/11 well. many says you need software to use. to fix the problem i can tell you they lie!.
i have provided with a Step by Step Guide down below

** Waning!::I Take no Respobility that you make on your PC. Take a Backup before you Begin**

1. Navigate to there you have installed Battlefield 2. its normaly located in C: then under Program Files for 32 bit users and Program File(x86) for 64 bit users
find a folder in there called Origin Games.
2. Create a Shortcut
3. Right click on it and add +menu 1 +fullscreen 0 +szx 1280 +szy 720

i will explan is commands

+Menu i dont event know. but just include it.
+ Fullscreen 1/0 (True/False) if 0(False) it will be Windowed
+szx is the Length of your screen in pixels
+szy is it the Width of your screen in Pixels

4. Click on Apply and try start the game.

Addition Steps.
5. if you have 2 Monitors. try to set the Monitor with higest resulution as Primary Monitor
5.1 Right Clock on the Deskop and then choose Screen resulution
5.2 Click on the Highest Hz screen in there
5.3 down at the Bottom Below Multiple Displays. are there a Check box. called " Make this my main display" without quotes
5.4 Check that and Hit Apply.
6. if nothing i helped. you need to download the Full DirectX Redist from [] (Direct Download link)

if it dont help dont hesicate to make a Reply.
i have chatted with EA support for more than 12 hours to get is issue fixed.

and i just needing the rest from the specialst team.

Thanks for reading. if it need any futher Improvement so just Reply.

To Forum Moderators/Admins: is post will help the support team. so if it can be sticky it would be awesome. if any Grammaer Erros so just edit. English isnt my Native Language Thank :)

6.1 and Make a New folder on your deskop call it something. i will call it DX11
6.2 open the downloaded file. chose the folder you just created on your deskop
6.3 let it extact. then it is finnish open the folder
6.4 find a File called Setup
6.5 Run That. is will only Add things to DX11. so i can run a bit more faster
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