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2015-03-21 21:36
I hope they do something about BF2142 one day. You can't even play it in single player mode cause you have to sign into EA master server which does not work. To think that all this games could've been fixed with a patch no bigger than 10MB. Just sad how little respect they have for us oldschool battlefield fans. Don't they know that is us that keeps buying their garbage games? I own BF3 and BF4 too and they nothing but garbage in comparison with BF1942, BFV, BF2 and BF2142. Horrible cinematic effects that give you nothing but a headache. Thank god I got my money back for Hardline. Game's graphics for ones look good and clean enough. But, the gameplay is sad. The maps and I mean all the maps now in every new battlefield is based on a flag in the middle and 4 around it. Just lazy to be honest. As soon as I went in there and saw how small those maps were in comparison to Highway Tampa, Jalalabad, BF2 Karkand, Verdom, Titan Bavaria, Liberation of Leipzig and such I was like for get it. Got my money back.
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2015-07-08 08:25
Battlefield 2142 is up and running on our own fix for the game. Anyone can play, there is no CD Key authentication so you can get a torrent if you want. You can also run widescreen widescreen 1080P..

All information is here.. []

We are also tracked on Gametracker under BF2. []

We have 1800+ registered players so far from all over the world..
Unlocks and Ranks are 10X easier to achieve
We are working on some new game modes
18 new hand picked custom maps added so you rarely play the same map
Previews []

Some you may recognize from BF2 and 1 is a COD4 map called Shipment.

We have around 10-20 playing most of the time, if it gets low volume we can run multiplayer bots as well and the bots do count towards your ranks.. We also have a dedicated teamspeak hosted by BFPC Players Community that anyone can come in and partayy..

Dethklok AirJerr
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2015-10-27 09:25
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