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Request to bring BF1942 back to Origin

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2015-06-24 14:22
Hi. I notice that Battlefield 1942 has been taken down from Origin, with the reason of its multiplayer function no longer being supported.

However, despite this, the BF1942 community is still playing various mods. Furthermore some mods are still in active development.

I want to play some of the active mods with friends, who read that the game was "still free for download". The official Battlefield page [] has a link to the Origin download page [], but the latter does not show any ways for download, hence it's a bit misleading.

I contacted customer support via its chat service to confirm that the game is no longer available for "purchase" from Origin. I do hope the game can be brought back to Origin though; the playerbase is still there, and people do want to go back to the game and its mods from time to time. Not knowing an authentic way to acquire it can be a bit awkward for the community to talk about the game these days to newcomers or people returning to it.

I do hope Origin will bring the game back in the future, and I do hope there is a demand for that too.
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2015-07-26 23:54
Is there a way to download the game without Origin?
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2015-08-01 12:47
--Eagle_Ghost-- said:
Is there a way to download the game without Origin?

Torrent it?
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I have found there anything in the world wide web. It brings your Gamespy Server back, because there is a community what pay for the Masterserver to Play back online. You have the Win 7/810 Fix, Widescreen Fix, Server Fix, Compatibility Fix all in one included. Ist a try to beware the game for the death, because ist the best what is making of EA / Dice in the past. You will find no any game after on this high Level. We write the 13 Year of modding and we can celebrate the active Projects, Events and modding of BF 1942.

I have found this solution to bring that game back: Download []

Tell it your friends, they have to game back, it's not death 500+ Players night for night there!
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2015-11-26 19:38
It it a version for pc?
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2015-12-15 15:59
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