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[nPUC] EU/NA - new mature active platoon

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Before reading on, we're an established grown up, mature clan. We play Hardcore. We aren't simply focused on one title, but Battlefield definitely dominates our play list. BF4, BF3 and BFBC2 are all played by a large part of the clan, but so are other games and titles. With all that said, here goes.......................... :-)

This clan has been created as a home for those who think that there is no place for older, mature, grown up, (however you want to be described) gamers who are often being told "aren't you too old for that?"

Ne Plus Ultra is latin, and means "The highest point of excellence or achievement; the ultimate". This is not going to refer to the members abilities, all skill levels will be welcome. It will just serve as a reminder of what the clan should be about. Chiefs, will be a welcoming place for whoever joins, and a place where team work and communication is more important than individual k/d.

To join you just need to fulfil the following :

• 21 or over (no exceptions)
• Respect all members
• No hacking or cheating (instant kick)
• Squad up
• Working Mic & TeamSpeak
• Registered on the website
• Wear Chiefs tags

A sense of humour however, is a must!!

There will be a short trial period. Nothing major, just a couple weeks to make sure you like us and vice versa, and to make sure that those who join do like squading up and jumping into TS. But you won't be asked to wear trial tags or anything like that. Literally join as normal, and see how it goes.

Main things we're looking for are fun guys, mature (min age 21), no history of cheating/hacking, and almost the biggest thing, guys who are going to get involved. That means, actually adding members to your friends list, supporting your team mates by squading up, and jumping in TS to get to know other members.

If you're looking for a platoon that you can just wear tags, but continue to lone wolf then this isn't the group for you. We are after fun, team players, who want to work as a team and have a laugh doing it. Min age 21 is set for various reasons, but probably most importantly so we know you're old enough to drink with us if you're from NA!!! :-)

To join simply goto the website : [] register and once approved by an admin that's it!!

Once approved you'll get our TS details and an invite to the platoon on Battlelog.

Look forward to gaming with some new people soon.

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