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Controls for BF4 PS3

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2013-10-02 07:51
Miss_demeanor1 said:
I said to friends the controls are crap after 5 minutes of playing it and I was wrong about that as they are worse than that.

Please have the controls like BF3 and do not make them so damn complicated.

One of the key elements in having a good game with good sales is the controls and the developers know that but some sod has put their hand and said " let's have beyond crappy controls for BF4" and the other guys agreed.

They changed the controls from badcompany 2 when they launched BF3 - we will get used to it.

Took me a while but I found the stick config I like for the choppers, everything else will follow - at least there are options to change most of the configs. You don't even get that with a lot of games.
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2013-10-02 08:00
there is an option to have the control scheme similar to BF3 called veteran but sadly even that is not perfect and is a little bit odd feeling
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yeh the controls . are garbage everything just seems loose and then to get out of a vehicle you have to depress square for like 5 seconds which is ridiculous, also the splash damage on tanks is non existent I shot a shell to someone damn near 2 ft next to him and he just walked away wtf ..the frame rate on ps3 is awful there's jaggies everywhere and when I the building collapses having the fog along with the crappy graphics its so bad it burns the eyes ..oh well let's hope the ps4 version is better cos ATM its back to bf3 lol
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2013-10-02 09:35
Had to change all the controls to legacy. IDK why they changed them, I dont like the new lay out and LB to spot is a pain.
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2013-10-02 09:41
the controls are complete ass, new button layout is garbage, I don't give a shit about battlelog when I'm gaming.

and they feel shit too, I noticed when I got into a empty server that the controls felt REALLY good, but when people started joining it got sluggish and laggy, and when the match started the controls felt like complete and utter shit, the contrast between the shitty, laggy aiming and the super-snappy auto-aim is just to much for me.

why do you insist on pooping on us DICE?
BF4 + PS3 = complete and utter fail.
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2013-10-02 10:16
also struggling controls on the ps3...
like the fact the spotting has been made easier!
not sure about battlelog being in there but maybe that makes more sense on the new ps4 controllers come out?

but having the most issues with the vehicles...
accelerate/decelerate with L2 & R2 would be great as an option

having to press square to jump in a vehicle is awkward but I will get us to it...
but it does seem to take a bit too long to get in and out of vehicles.
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2013-10-02 11:47
i hate these controls please give us the option to map the controls dice i beg you.
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2013-10-02 11:55
If you switch the controls to veteran, the only difference is the knife is on circle and the spot is R2. Not sure what the problem is for infantry, it's actually easier.
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2013-10-02 11:56
You should be able to change the controls to whatever your preferences are but, holy crud, the controls took like what, 10 minutes to get used to ? I think people just like to find some random crap to complain about because maybe they are doing bad in a game or who knows what.
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2013-10-02 12:01
Controls are different but after playing free a while I like the new layout. I really like the new driving controls. There should be an option for bf3 controls for those who prefer them. I will get used to the new controls.
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2013-10-02 18:46
SignorBlanco said:
If you switch the controls to veteran, the only difference is the knife is on circle and the spot is R2. Not sure what the problem is for infantry, it's actually easier.

I will be trying this option out tonight.
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2013-10-02 19:12
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2013-10-02 19:20
ll_-KICK-_ll said:
LT--SHiNySiDeZ87 said:
I can't stand using square to get into and out of vehicles it's really annoying. Other than that I hope they do something about the whole inviting thing, I would like to know if and when you have a squad if you're separated or stay together in the same squad.
The thing I don't like about that is you have to hold down square just to get out. And if you don't pay attention the vehicle will blow you the hell up before you can exit.

That happened a couple of times to me last night...

And how the hell do you spot?
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2013-10-02 21:16
how do you bring up the scorecard before it was the select button if you held it down
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So many threads on one topic...

R2 is the nu spot (this is good), and the scoreboard doesn't matter, but if you need to find it, hit Start.
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2013-10-02 21:34
I have set my controls to veteran mode and the game still controls very awkwardly, they should go back to using the old controls and put the Battlelog crap back into the pause menus.
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2013-10-03 16:23
R2 for spot is not ok I play BF to get away FROM COD's controls and I play the beta and got pissed and went back to dcuo wtf they need to add an entire option for BF3 controls and leave the battlelog in the pause menu i dont need that shit in game add controller option in the menu that says BF4 and BF3 at the top so you dont have to manually switch each one to find the right setup that in the end isn't even fluid so come on please change it or add an option because flying a AH-6 is almost physically impossible unless you use a mouse which obviously isnt an option...
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2013-10-04 13:17
Please please offer an option for accelerate/decelerated vehicles wIth L2 R2 like in bf3!
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2013-10-04 13:26
Controls, especially vehicle controls are from Battlefield 2 Modern Combat's control scheme and I still play that game so no problem for me. But spotting and that command list thingy should be on select button.
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2013-10-06 09:13
To those about to SiN, I salute you!!!!
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