Controls for BF4 PS3

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2013-10-07 06:11
Linder447 said:

I Concur !
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2013-10-07 06:33
post in bf4 beta forums guys and gals!

we will get DICE to listen...
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2013-10-07 06:52
BryceGAi7 said:
Why are they so ass! Every time I shoot I bring up Battlelog.
Then in vehicles instead of pressing R2/L2 to accelerate I found out it now moves by the joystick.
What the hell!

just change your controls to veteran, so you can accelerate with R1/L1. Its better than the joystick.
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2013-10-07 06:53
PEPINAonPS3 said:
I hope there's an option to make it the same as BF3. There usually are those options in game when it comes out. :)

Closest we get to BF3 controls is Veteran. Not exactly BF3 controls but close enough I guess.
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2013-10-08 11:34
RcRacer6043 said:
...or add an option because flying a AH-6 is almost physically impossible unless you use a mouse which obviously isnt an option...

It is an option if you use an emulator like Eagle Eye or Xim...
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2013-10-08 13:32
PEPINAonPS3 said:
I hope there's an option to make it the same as BF3. There usually are those options in game when it comes out. :)

Not really. The veteran controls are not BF3 controls nor are the legacy. They seem to be an awkward hybrid of the BF3 and new system. They come close for infantry but vehicles are a train wreck. I really want DICE to give us the option to either fully map our controller buttons or give us an actual BF3 legacy layout. IMO there is never a reason to drastically change an established game's control scheme.
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2013-10-08 13:44
'Veteran controls' - why do they call them that?? I've played 4 Battlefield games on console(which makes me a veteran) and I've never seen that layout..

Keep the new system as default,
but let veterans have a real 'veteran layout' - move spot to select, the commo rose to long press select and battlelog to an option under the start button..
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2014-01-25 01:45
tom01mey said:
Controls for vehicles and infantry are so bad!!!
Prone/crouch is the complete wrong button, spot is useless and for vehicles you accelerate and turn with the same frekin button!!
Bf3 controls were far far better

If you go in the settings under controls you can set it to veteran to use the bf3 controls
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2014-01-25 18:20
One of the main reasons Im not buying BF4 is the control scheme. I hated it so much in beta