FIX FOR " Could not communicate with BF4" Bug....

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2013-10-30 18:18
Ok, did a little research. I kept getting "Can not communicate with BF4 server" error. Thought servers were down. It tells you to close in task manager. Hit ctrl+alt+del and go in task manager. Click on processes tab. scroll down till you see the BF4.exe file. Close all of them that are open. I had 4 open. Close browser and Origin. Restart Origin. I then got an invalid game license error. Closed everything again. Started up and BAM, campaign has loaded up. Did not play beyond the start screen so I could type this up.

Another thing I did just to check was to right click on BF4 game on origin screen and click on repair. I was up to date but read that another user needed more files. Also update your video drivers.

Hope this helps, and good luck


I still get the error, so I just have to go back in task manager and close the BF4.exe file in the processes tab.

Put some replies on here if it works so this stays at the top for others to use.
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2013-10-30 19:04
you fixed this yet?
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2013-10-30 22:57
leaving this so i can come back to this
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2013-11-24 01:17
u know i always thought beta testers were supposed to were to find all the flaws so the consumer will get a quality product but in the last few years quality has gone down the crapper it seems that all the testers think about is themselves my personal thoughts i dont mean to step on anyones toes and if i am in the wrong i will apologize now i said my piece and im done and GOD BLESS
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2013-11-24 02:46
Im getting this same error it seems that the game is launching to many instances or not closing down when another starts. I have to go to Task Manager and shut them down and restart server. After about 10 minutes it does it again.