BF4 on Xbox One not running at a consistent 60fps?

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2013-11-24 23:00
One of the deciding factors in buying BF4 was EA/Dice's promise of 64 player combat at 60 fps. However, after playing multiplayer for the better part of the last 8 hours, this couldn't be further from the truth. My game suffers from low FPS constantly, in both large scale modes (conquest) and small scale (team deathmatch). Even some moments in the campaign have caused the framerate to nose dive.

Is anybody else having this problem? Or is my Xbox One acting up?
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2013-11-24 23:00
Mine runs smooth as butter.
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2013-11-24 23:01
Silky here as well. Graphics way better than 360.
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2013-11-24 23:02
Only see mine drop when the Hainan resort hotel collapses
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2013-11-24 23:03
Interesting. And don't get me wrong, the game does hit 60 fps on occasion - when in corridors for example. But in some graphically heavy scenes, such as the waterfall plaza in the second mission, the framerate stutters constantly. And any map on Conquest seems to have the same problem.
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2013-11-24 23:04
yeah i get fps drops too
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2013-11-24 23:05
My frames are great and only dip on 64 player Op Locker.
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2013-11-24 23:06
Also, another side-note, my buddy has the PS4 counterpart. Not only does it look much crisper at 900p, it also runs infinitely smoother than the Xbox Ones. I know the PS4 has a slight technological edge, but I can't even begin to describe how disappointed I am the Xbox One can't handle a game smoothly at 720p.
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2013-11-24 23:14 []
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2013-11-24 23:15
Im getting about 75 on ultra settings
So now supporting DICE is considered "trolling" GG pr3sident learn to mod.
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2013-11-24 23:16
the specs on both systems dont lie.......the Xbone is a joke !!

why would someone even considering buying this machine,other than a FEW exclusives, is beyond me.
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2013-11-24 23:24
Trainer72 said:
Only see mine drop when the Hainan resort hotel collapses

Same happened to me. (PS4)
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2013-11-24 23:24
I am running 50-60 all the time