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How to get M82A3 in Battlefield 4?

US Enlisted: 2013-03-17
2013-11-26 07:01 , edited 2013-11-26 07:11 by LxyZ7
I saw many players used M82A3 in different maps. Who can tell me how to unlock that gun or where to pick it up?

Another question, M98B, SRR-61, which one is your choice?

Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2013-11-26 12:02
why you ask this in a bf3 forum?
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2013-11-26 18:38
Hmm, wrong forum. For your question however, the M82A3 is a weapon pickup on various maps that come in close-to-long range versions. As for choice in the two sniper rifles, it all comes down to preference. I prefer the .338 Recon (DTA SRS-A1) over the two.