Commander Mode App on Kindle Fire HD

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2013-11-30 05:06
This subject was already brought up several times in the forums, but most were outside of the feedback & suggestions category and the one I did find here received no attention. I want to make this subject known so that we can at least hear whether or not we will be receiving support for Kindle Fire HD.

The Kindle Fire HD uses the Android OS, but, being an Amazon content device, uses a separate app store fueled by Amazon instead of Google Play. For those who own a Kindle Fire HD or HDX, and any other Kindle tablets that are capable of running Commander Mode, there should be a version of the Commander Mode app that is compatible with said devices and made available on the Amazon Kindle Store. May it be noted that shelling out another paycheck for another tablet just for a free app is not an acceptable solution by any stretch.
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2013-12-23 21:35
Agreed, but I'd prefer server issues are fixed first.
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2013-12-25 04:06
Yes, that is true that they need to get the game fixed first. However, I feel people using the Kindle Fire HD should use the bring Brian Griffin back playing card. Basically, we need to complain to the head office so we can get the app.
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2013-12-30 01:16
I would love to have Commander on the Kindle. It's a sad sight to see that such a mis-step has been made. Please bring it to the Kindle, EA and DICE.
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2013-12-31 00:44
Root your tablet, will be much quicker and will let you play commander mode...
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2013-12-31 03:28
The commander app is horrible anyway that whole game mode needs a incredible rework
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2014-01-08 00:49
Steps to get it working for Kindle Fire HDX:
*Enable apps from unknown sources - Settings>Applications>Apps from Unknown Sources:ON
*Download ES File Manager from App Store
* Go to [] and download both APK and Data File to PC
*Unzip Data folder
*Connect Kindle to PC
* Open up My Computer and click on your Kindle device
* Navigate to Android>OBB folder on your Kindle
*Drag and drop both APK and Data folders to that location
*On Kindle device in ES File Manager go to OBB folder and tap the Battlefield Icon.
*Enter your credentials and it should work 100% as it does for me.

Let me know if this works for you guys or not.
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2014-01-11 18:17
I got up to the point where I can open the app, but it can't download the game data because "the resources could not be found." What exactly am I supposed to do to get those "resources"?
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2014-01-12 04:03
Having the same issue any ideas?
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2014-01-14 02:39 , edited 2014-01-14 02:40 by akbullets11
I had the same issue as well. What you have to do is literally put both files in the same OBB folder. I assume you have put the Data in the Data folder. Don't do that. Put Data and and the APK file in the OBB folder. Try that and see if it works. If not post the steps that you guys did and I'll try to trouble shoot it for you. If all else fails I might consider doing a video tutorial I what I did. Only caveat to that is I haven't done one before so it would probably be terrible. Anyways let me know.
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2014-01-14 05:48 , edited 2014-01-14 05:52 by Callidus
Got it figured out, the HD does not have an obb file. Just had to create one and it worked perfectly. Having issues locating and connecting to a server
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2014-01-14 08:59
Are you using battlelog to search server? That works f or me the random servers on commander app I have issues with (kindle fire hd)
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There must be some sort of incompatibility in the app. I had assumed that there would be an identical file system with HDX and HD. Good thinking on creating the folder. Not sure why the random server has issue on HD. I can use random server and browser with no issue on HDX. But I am noticing that I am not receiving ribbons after each round. Not sure if others are having issues with that or if this is an isolated incident.
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2014-01-29 09:31
How do you create an OBB file?
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2014-01-29 23:04
I have the HD Kindle. I got the APK and the OBB, I unzipped the OBB file. I then created an OBB file on my kindle inside of the Android file. I moved the unzipped Data file (This contained the following folders = Android, bom.fb2, initfs_Android, layout.toc) I then mov3ed the unzipped apk File. Using ES3 I was able to install the apk file as the commander app. Once open it gave me the "Download failed because the resources could not be found." message.

What did I do wrong? Also Do I need to go into ES3 and reinstall every time I want to play?
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2014-01-31 02:20
Dice and EA need to just give us the app
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2014-02-21 04:49
I've followed the steps listed but it still won't work for my kindle fire. Unable to download resources. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Does it just not run on Kindle?
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2014-02-25 06:21
The kindle fire hd or HDX .apk file for the commander app no longer works dice somehow cracked down on it and got rid of it instead of just giving to us like they did other tablets. As a premium player I'm very disappointed in them.
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2014-03-15 01:22
Would be awesome. I never play Commander on the console.
“May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't.”
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2014-03-15 02:09
I'd like to have the Commander Mode on my Laptop, but I know this won't happen because everyone will be using it and probably abusing it as well.