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HDCP Encryption Patch Release 25/12/2013

AU Enlisted: 2013-03-20
2013-12-18 01:30
Good news for everyone besides the U.S.A sorry guys.

"A Sony representative stated in a general press release that they have successfully released a hardware patch for all PS4's. The latest patch will be available 25/12/2013 throughout Asia, Europe and the Pacific. They are also reported to be working very closely with customers in the U.S who have already received their consoles and are experiencing problems which intern will delay the availability of the patch for the U.S. The representative could give no indication of when the faults will be fixed as they haven't identified the problem as of yet. Sony do expect the problem to be fixed shortly for the U.S customers and the Patch to be available by mid-January at the latest."

http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2013/09/sony-ps4-will-support-gameplay-capture-over-hdmi/ [arstechnica.com]
Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.