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Mobile App Update, Feb 19 2014

DK Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2014-02-19 15:16
This is a silent, zero-downtime update for the mobile (not tablet) app. You can be sure get the new content by force-closing the app and then starting it again. Otherwise it will appear on next automatic refresh.

- The Battlelog mobile app now contains content from Second Assault
- A new EULA will need to be accepted the first time you launch the app, but for new users only

- Campaign and Assignments have been added to the Completion section under Soldier
- You can now see the number of active Missions in the menu
- The weapon unlocks view now show expansion pack icons for the relevant weapons
- The weapons under Stats now also include locked weapons
- Various improvements to the forums on mobile
- Various tweaks and improvements

- Fixed an issue where medals didn't show progress bars after being obtained once
- Fixed an issue where the Campaign friends leaderboard didn't display any friends
- Fixed an issue where weapons that were unlocked by kit score did not have a progress bar
- Fixed an issue where Campaign assignments didn't show the reward requirements
- Fixed several issues with Suggestions and Tracking, which often made it not work or work incorrectly
- Fixed issues with the Premium page, now showing correct images in the top section, and marking released items correctly
- Fixed several issues with the forums section
- Not all error messages used the correct (red) style
- Fixed a few issues relating to CTF Battle Reports
- Fixed an issue with assignments that didn't show rewards if it was a Camo
- Various fixes to missing texts and localization
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