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About M1911

Enlisted: 2016-02-12
2016-04-03 09:58
Hi, i have searched about "how to unlock M1911" and i did not found any usefull info, nothing working.
Can someone tell me how to unlock M1911, thanks for reading.
DE Enlisted: 2016-02-20
2016-04-03 15:35
Noble888EmilyEv said:
hi everyone :) , the EA Gun Club doesn't exist anymore. If you are looking for the M1911 weapon for Battlefield 3 you will now need a veteran rank from any other Battlefield game. In case you don't own any of the older Battlefield games, you can just hop in one of the free to play Battlefields with your Origin account:

Battlefield Play4Free []
Battlefield Heroes []

After playing a round or two, log back into Battlelog (make sure to log out once after playing) and the weapon should be unlocked on your account.

or please follow this link: []
BE Enlisted: 2014-06-06
2016-04-29 15:49
Is there a possibility to get this with BF4? I have a copy of BF4 on PS3 and BF3 for PC
PH Enlisted: 2014-06-02
2016-04-30 06:29
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2016-04-30 09:25
Sorry but BF4 blows...
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