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Any place for beginners?

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2016-04-13 18:14
All servers, Every player lv 100. It is impossible for me to even learn. I know you learn by fighting with higher levels, BUT playing against guys, Who have best weapon, Best sight, Best upgrades. I am dissapointed in Battlefield 3. All storyes about how bad Battlefield 4 is seems fairy tail compared to this state. How i gonna survive tank battle if enemy has rockets and Armor plates? And i have nothing. Same for choppers, LAV-s and everything other. No servers for beginners. All so called Noob/Beginners servers are filled up with max players. Why battlefield cant have rank system? I had opportunity to Buy Battlefield 3 or Hardline with both premium. I am getting more and more dissapointed. Game promised for me 3 battlepacks. But i didnt got them? Where are they? Then game promised me to get some Starting Kit Items. Half of them are missing. Like upgrades for vehicals. All DLC maps are half dead. Only one kind of alive is Back To Karkand. For final. Dont take this post as a asshole player who cant live them selves. I am just tired of getting killed withoud even knowing where enemy is.
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Game has been out 4,5 years
Go figure

Besides playing with people better than you will slowly make you a better player

>Complains that everyone is rank 100
>Complains that bf3 doesn't have a rank system
This feature is beyond useless now
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Weapons and equipment are completely irrelevant for learning. Also, when you begin playing a new game or genre or whatever, I think it's really important to watch gameplay from the best players right away. Then just focus on what they do and actually try to understand everything. Most of the stuff that good players do are really minor but makes a big difference.

Sadly, I think you need a certain type of mind to be able to do this, so you probably won't find this helpful at all.

Oh, and when I talk about best players, I don't mean those big Youtubers.
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2016-04-30 06:24
Play with the best and you'll soon be the best

-Zharakov 2016
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2016-04-30 09:28
Yeah, most of the YouTube crowd couldn't handle a real match. Let's face it, it's what video editing is for...
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2016-04-30 15:32
TheAmazingDJ said:
I am just tired of getting killed without even knowing where enemy is.

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What do I put here?
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2016-06-17 10:51
Squad up with good players and play as a team, it's much easier and you'll learn a lot. A gunner is very useful in tanks and IFV's, so help people and send friend requests to anyone who knows what they're doing.
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