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Best camo for each class?

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2016-06-02 15:17 , edited 2016-06-09 15:03 by Killsheets
Hello there, first post and late to the party. I was wondering if any of the camos suit the classes best?

This is not meant for going stealth, just any camo that suits their gear. My bet:

Assault - Paratrooper (US) / Default (RU)
= There are many pics of US SF members wearing multicam. So I assume he is one of them.
= Russian Spetsnaz he is, his camo matches those pictures of Spetsnaz operatives.

Engineer - Army Green (RU)
= Since it is RGF, he looks good with it

Support - Desert Khaki (US)
= I have seen marines wearing such camo in Afghanistan. Would make sense.

Recon - Woodland (US)
= Basically the fatigue design is best for him, for his shemagh its just fine. Just my opinion

As for the rest, not really sure though as I have no knowledge of almost all RU camos. For US Engineer I literally have no idea.
I will be updating my post when I find some camos that match each class from each faction. Any suggestions on good looking camo for each class (US and RU seperated not both) is appreciated.
Aloo :)
Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.