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10 dollar upgrade to next-gen, what is it?

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2013-09-09 07:49
I'd like a clarification about this, I've read about it in 1-2 threads and I want to know
Is it just a 10$ off if you get both current gen and next gen or is it that the next gen version is only 10$ if you get both.
Also do you have a link?

Thanks !
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Certain retailers are holding promotions where you can get up to $50 trade in value for select current gen games if you are trading up to the next gen version.

Also Sony is offering BF4 for $10 (digital download) on the PS4 if you have he PS3 version, but it has not been clarified on whether you can use a physical copy from the PS3 or you have to have the digital download version.
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2013-09-09 07:58
What he said^

You buy BF4 for Xbox 360 or PS3, within the first month of release, and by the end of the year,
if you trade in your current gen copy towards a next gen version (PS3 to PS4, Xbox 360 to Xbox One) you will receive $50 in-store credit, then you will only need to pay $10 to acquire the next gen version.
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2013-09-09 08:48
allright thanks a lot I'll talk to my local providers to see if they give a good cash back, then I might pay for the ps3 version first
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2013-09-10 14:49
As I've stated in other threads, "Certain retailers" i.e. Gamestop and Amazon are only doing Xbox 360 to Xbox One disc to disc upgrades ( [] This option is not yet available for PS3 to PS4 owners.
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2013-09-10 15:06
I swear,it seems M$ will find ANYWAY to nickel and dime people to death !!!!
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2013-09-10 16:45
PS3 is offering the digital PS4 copy of BF4 for $10 if you buy it for PS3.
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