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=ADK= Gaming Community - Recruiting - BF3/BF4

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2016-02-19 22:09
ADK is always recruiting come and join a great community. visit us at []
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TS3: TS.ADKGAMERS.COM Failed to resolve hostname ''
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2016-02-26 20:09
pvv-pvv_v2 said:
TS3: TS.ADKGAMERS.COM Failed to resolve hostname ''

how many times did you try to connect?
if you are having issues go to our website :)
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2016-02-29 20:55
Join Us In Teamspeak @ we are having a lot of fun every single day , visit our Website if you are interesting Joining ADK @ .

Join Us In Teamspeak and have the chance to Meet the legend AOB =) , WHO'S AOB ?? you will know when you join us there =)

Teamspeak address :
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If you're looking for a friendly gaming community with a VAST array of available games to choose from, ADK is for you! WE're always looking for new members to play with and have fun with =) Don't hesitate to visit our website, for more information on our available games and community.

If you're interested in contacting us you can always do so on Teamspeak, at

Looking forward to see you players with us!
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2016-03-15 20:31
Looking for a new home? welcome in to ADK.
visit us at or join us in team speak at

we are always recruiting and we are a friendly bunch of gamers :)
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2016-03-17 12:20
Hi! I want to play bf3, do you have any guys still playing it?
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2016-03-18 21:26
yes we have 2 servers running BF3. TDM Noshar Canals and a Rush server

so everyone is welcome, either for BF3 or BF4
come visit us at []
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2016-04-05 16:28
If you are looking for mates to squad up with, then come and join us at ADK. We are in TS every night playing together.

Find us at or on TS at
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2016-04-25 16:42
do you love Metro? then you should come and play in our Metro 24/7 No Explosive. []

and maybe also consider join a great community :)
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2016-05-02 15:45
ADK is always looking for more members to join our ranks. Great group of people here and we play many different games. Check us out
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2016-05-18 18:19
waiting for battlefield 1?
come join us in the wait.... and while we wait we can always hone our aiming in our Metro 24/7 No Explosive server

visit us at []

join us in TS at

join our Metro Server []

or search for =ADK= for our other servers
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